Friday, January 07, 2011

RT convention & RWA conference 2011

So registration for RWA 2011 is opening up in a few weeks on January 18, 2011 and I was wondering, who was attending :) I will be for sure this year :)

When I started blogging and learned that there were books/readers/authors conferences/conventions, I told myself that I had to go to one at least once in my life. And this feeling was just reinforced after I met my fellow bloggers. I mean, as a fan, there's nothing quite like meeting authors... and as a reader, being surrounded by people who understand your love for romance books and your quirks, really, what more can you ask for?

Last year, I was able to attend the RT convention in Columbus and I had a blast. I loved getting together with Jill, Kristie, Mollie and many other wonderful ladies. However, meeting authors... that was special. I mean, there's nothing quite like meeting a favorite author and being like: "Wow. I can't believe I'm standing in front of you. Seeing you. Euh. I love your books!!!" LOL. I just makes you feel giddy and good LOL.

This year, the RWA conference is taking place in New York City and I've had my eyes on it for 2 years already LOL. First, I'll be able to get together with Hilcia and Christine once again... but more exciting is that New York City is in driving distance!! That means saving money on traveling, not worrying about shipping or how heavy my suitcases are, etc. It's just perfect :) At the same time, the RT convention is making its way to the West Coast for the first time in a couple of years and has chosen Los Angeles for 2011. Ugh. Los Angeles = California = SoCal bloggers! I have to admit that I was mighty tempted... Those SoCal bloggers are fun to hang out with!! Alas, I don't have the money to attend both conventions - but oh, how I wished! LOL. RWA was just the logical choice since I'm going to save a bundle on traveling. Plus, since I went to RT convention, I want to try out RWA conference :)

Anyway, I have a feeling that a lot of bloggers will be attending a conference/convention this year, considering that RT and RWA are taking place in blogger hotspots or at least, big cities that will attract a lot of people :) So I'm curious :P Anyone attending RT or/and RWA this year? Or perhaps RomCon in Denver?


  1. I would *love* to go to a conference.

    But I will probably be sulking at home, living vicariously through all your blog posts.

    New York though...


  2. Of course, I vote for you to go to RWA in NYC because I want to see you again. ^_^

    But I hear you with wanting to hang out with those ultra cool SoCal bloggers... if I went to LA in April, I seriously would just be going to hang out with those gals, not for the conference. Actually, I feel the same about RWA, but it'll at least be easier for me to take the train into the city to hang out with peeps.

  3. I have a work conflict the Saturday of RT....which means no big ol' booksigning for me :( I'm still deciding on if I'm going to show at RT one day - either to hang in the bar or buy a day pass.

    So far, I'm not sure if any of the So. Cal. Bloggers are hitting the WHOLE conference. I know several of them have plans to attend on Saturday for the booksigning.

    Barring any sort of emergency - I will be at RWA in NYC. I've never been to the city, plus I have college friends that live there - so I'm going to make a whole to-do out of it :)

  4. That's great that you can drive - less hassle IMO.

    Probably not going to either but seriously hoping/praying to go to RWA next year in Anaheim. I could go to the conference, hubs & boys to Disney. :)

  5. Hello! Just dropping by your blog after a search for "rwa, rt convention". Hm. I MAY be able to attend a convention this year, and I'm trying to get some input! I went to RT last year in Columbus as well, and thought it was fabulous. But I'm signing up as an RWA member shortly, and the RWA con is so much closer! (I'm in Southern Ontario, Canada). Ergh.

    Yeah, really don't know where this was going, except to say I liked your post! Gives me an opinion to think about. I think.

  6. Christine - LOL, well even if I don't go to RWA, I'm going to go back to New Jersey to get together with you and Hils :) But right now, RWA it is :)

    Wendy - Oh, I'm so glad to hear you're going to the RWA! I was talking with Kristie earlier this year and we weren't sure you'd come, considering the RT is in your neighborhood! :)

    Leslie - Definitively, Leslie. You don't have to worry as much for customs and especially the suitcases! :)

    That sounds like a good plan for RWA 2012 :P

    Jessica - Welcome to my blog. Well I think it also depends what you want also. From what I heard, the RT is geared towards readers while RWA might be more on the professional sides. But if you're signing-up as a RWA member and RWA is much closer... I think the decision is made :P

  7. Nath, I'm definitely planning to go! I'm so glad you're coming. Yay! Christine and I will meet you there. :D