Sunday, January 16, 2011

Re-Read Challenge 2010: December!!

Bet you thought I'd never put this post up, right? I thought of just letting it go, but it seemed just wrong... especially since there were entries ^_^; I'm going to take the opportunity to recap the Re-Read challenge as well :)

I started the Re-Read Challenge in 2009, because I thought I was too focused on reading new releases and not enough on enjoying my favorites :) I'd say I keep 85% of the books I buy and when people ask me if I re-read them, I always answer yes... because I do, but not as much since I started having a TBR pile. So I thought a challenge would make me re-visit some of my favorites :) Overall, I thought that the Re-Read Challenge was a success and people seemed to enjoy it, so I decided to continue it in 2010. However, I knew it'd be taking it easier this year and so, there'd be no sign-up, no reminders and no prizes. And easier I did take it, often putting up the Re-Read posts and my own entries late. Actually, this post being a perfect example.

It's obvious that this year, the Re-Read Challenge 2010 wasn't as successful. Part of it was obviously me - being late on posts is never a good thing ^_^; At the same time though, I think the challenge suffered from the blogging blues. There were less participants, but at the same time, there was less blogging overall in blogland. Seems like many went through blogging slumps, me included. Still, there were some consistent participants: Miss Moonlight, Hilcia, Leslie and Ames :) Thank you to you 4, as well as everyone who participated :)

Surprisingly, there was only one person who completed the challenge, i.e. did 12 re-reads and wrote 12 reviews, and that person is...


Woohoo!! Totally awesome Hils!! And you've just won a 50$ gift certificate for anymore bookstores you wants!! I meant  to do something special with the Re-Read Challenge back in June and July, but never got around to it and I think the only person who completed this challenge should be rewarded :)

Finally, I'm wrapping up the Re-Read Challenge 2010 with the following reviews...

And here we go, the end of the Re-Read Challenge :) It was really a pleasure to host this challenge and I hope everyone who participated had a blast and everyone else enjoyed all the reviews!! :)


  1. Nath, this is really a HUGE surprise! Thank you so much for your generosity!

    It was such a pleasure to participate in this Challenge. It was actually one of my favorites in 2010. I think you know how much I love to re-read, and I actually re-read some books that really enjoyed more the second time around. Thank you for hosting the Challenge and for this wonderful prize. :D

  2. Hilcia - LOL. Just enjoy it! :)

    I'm glad you had fun with the challenge, Hils :) Maybe in a few years, I'll host another challenge :P

  3. Are you hosting another re-reading challenge this year? I noticed there are some books on my shelf I want to re-read and a challenge would be a good motivator xD.

  4. Oops I meant next year not this year.

  5. Sandy - LOL, I know what you meant, Sandy :)

    Hmmm, I didn't really think about it. The first year was great, but the turn-up on the second year was so-so. At the end, there wasn't many participating...

    Plus, LOL, I'm really bad at reading under pressure.

    If you want to host it though, you're more then welcome!