Thursday, July 20, 2006

Auto-buy and no-no

Yes, another post.

So I've been cruising the romance novels community and I'm curious... so I guess I have a little survey:

Which authors are your auto-buy? (i.e. whose books you are sure to buy no matter what)

Kay Hooper, Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, Jennifer Crusie, Linda Howard, Katherine Stone, Catherine Anderson, Judith McNaught, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kelley Armstrong and Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall.

(wow, there's more than I thought... how come I couldn't think of it while I was driving?)

What is your favorite romantic genre and which one is a no-no?

First of all, I love contemporaries... I found that historical (such as regency, western, etc.) have too much restrictions and so, stories tend to be similar.

Luv - Contemporary/Contemporary romantic suspens
Paranormal (psychich powers, vampires, werewolves...)

Okay - Sci-fi and fantasy

No-no - western and new colonial; those two just bore me.

so what about you other readers?


  1. Autobuy authors - hmmmm. I have a lot of authors I automatically buy, but I don't consider them autobuy authors - odd - I know. But let's see
    Tara Janzen
    Susan Anderson
    Pamela Clare
    Galean Foley
    Liz Carlyle
    Lisa Kleypas
    but there are a lot more that I buy anyway.

    Favourite genre - I don't really have one although I go in spurts. Pirate is my genre du jour. But then I could switch at any moment to western, futuristic or many more
    Which is a no-no. I'm not into vampire very much although I have read a few that I've kind of enjoyed. Other than vampire though, I'm willing to try any paranormal creatures

  2. That's nice to be able to read any genres... I tend to mix up what I read, because if I have a genre du jour, I reach saturation pretty quickly.

    I've seen that the "Crazy" series by Tara Janzen has been very popular in the romance blog community... I really need to give it a try again then. I have the first 3 ones and I guess it was the timing... hmmm...

  3. Okay, here goes, I'll probably forget someone...

    Linda Howard
    Liz Carlyle
    Lisa Kleypas
    Susan Squires
    Lynn Viehl
    Lydia Joyce--though her last one tanked
    Eloisa James
    Nora Roberts
    good lord, the list goes on and on--LOL.

    Favorite genres--historical, contemporaries, very picky about paranormals, and the oposite to Kristie--LOL--I prefer good scary vampire stories over anything else.

  4. I don't have too many autobuys, because I'm cheap, but here they are:
    Jennifer Crusie, la Nora, Susan Elizabeth Philips, Kelley Armstrong, Sara Donati

    I'm pretty flexible about genre but I agree with Kristie on the vampire thing. They just don't do much for me.

  5. it's nice to see what others like and don't like :D I really need to explore few of the authors that all of you've named... good, good, more books ;D

  6. Autobuy authors:

    Charlaine Harris, Suzanne Brockmann (but I have a sweet deal and can now get SB books for free, but since you don't like them, you can't be jealous, right? LOL)-I can't think of anymore. I buy most of my books at the thrift store or UBS, so I rarely buy brand new books. Except for Charlaine Harris. :)

    I'm okay with any genre, but plot elements I hate are: amnesia and time travel (except Karen Marie Moning).

    I do like Jacqueline Carey, she writes fantasy. She kicks ass.