Thursday, July 27, 2006

For Mailyn

Hey Mailyn :D

You've been saying how cute my dumpling is and so I thought you'd like to see the original drawing :D
So yeah, I'm Natuschan, the dumpling... and the big purple ball is Yetichan :D Cute no?


  1. HA! Used to see alot of Manga and Anime while over in S. Korea.

    I never got into it much, but my bf watches "Avatar" and kinda got my hooked ...

  2. ha, funny :) talking of manga and anime... my next post is going to be a manga feature :D

    Yeah, I got hooked almost at the same time I started reading romances in english :D part of my life as well :D

  3. OMG that's just the cutsiest thng ever!!! it's so damn kawaii and I am such a sucker....I love your lil dumpling!!!


    who drew them? you said a friend right? love her cute characters!

  4. yes, my friend drew it... you can see some of her art here:

    I hope the link will work (you're going to have to copy/paste them)

    but I agree, they're really cute :D