Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July TBR challeng no 1

So already few weeks since the first post ^_^; oups. But there'll be more reviews, I swear! So, an interesting blog that I found was AngieW blog with the TBR challenge. I did sign up for the June one, but got lazy ^^; So to make it up, I'll do 2 for July (or perhaps more). I also like the format of the review... So here we go:

Title: Cover of Night

Author: Linda Howard

Year published: June 2006

Why did you get this book? I got this book because I liked her previous books such as Now You See Her, After the Night, Dream Man and the John Medina's books.

Do you like the cover? Hmmm... not really. I mean, it's much better than regency covers (no offense to anyone) and it's her new "look" cover. I mean, the last few books all had similar cover, but I didn't like any of them. Worse, this year's cover is glazed and so texture is not even fun to touch :P

Did you enjoy the book? Hmmm... it was okay, not the best. I'll probably go re-read other books of her instead of re-reading this one tho.

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? Linda Howard was not new to me, I think I started reading her books last summer. For sure, I'll read her next book, but probably going to wait in paperback instead of buying the hardcover

Are you keeping it or passing it on? It's a hardcover, so I'll keep it :P I would probably have kept the paperback too tho, just because I like to have all the books of a particular author.

Anything else? I've read a lot of comments and reviews after finishing the book and majority of ppl agrees that this wasn't LH greatest book. It's still quite good and superior to some other reads, but because it doesn't reach the high standard that LH has set with her previous books. Cover of Night joins Dying to Please and Cry no More - other LH books that I didn't like.

For those who are interested, this is what I've written at the In Death Forum about the book:

***Warning: There are spoilers in this review. Read at your own risk!***

I don't think that Linda Howard has lost her touch, but this book is another disappointment. Last year's book, Killing Time, wasn't great, but at least, it focused on the main characters. If I have to choose one between those two books, it would be without a doubt Killing Time ^_^;

So what happened? One, the storyline was a bit hard to believe... I know that there are many, many small towns in USA and that, they get it probably worst around mountains - as in they are isolated and perhaps, have really bad cell phone connection, but having a bunch of "hired guns" coming into that little town and do what they did, well.... it's hard to believe and get into it. Basically, those "hired guns" took over the little town: blew the bridge, cut electricity and phone lines and shoot at random ppl. So, it's hard to believe, but I don't read fiction because i want it to be realistic... I could have accepted if the motives were good, but they weren't. Even now, I have difficulties to understand why those "hired guns" went through all that trouble.

Then, the author spent way too much time writing about the villains POV and it killed the book. She should have give some developments to the main characters relationship or to the secondary characters. We need some insight of the villain, yes, but not that much. All the author achieved was to make me skip those parts.

The main characters relationship was okay, but... she went to "still mourning her husband" to "I should be nicer to the shy handyman" to "why am I having those thoughts about the handyman" to "yes, I'll marry you." Too fast, no smooth transitions. In addition, the ending was kind of bleh. The way the "hired guns" are dealt with, Jeffrey Layton and everything. It's like, the main characters had nothing to do with resolving the problem at hand.

anyway, it wasn't bad writing. the setting of the book was actually great. I think the downfall was the planning - what to write, what to focus on, what to develop. that's where she missed the turn this time. In Killing Time, the story was a bit bland, but okay. In this book, the ideas were good and suspens could have been awesome, but she didn't focus where she should have.


  1. I'm so torn about this one. I love Linda Howard's books but I normally don't buy hardcover - too expensive. I was getting hers and only hers though through the Doubleday book club so the price wasn't as bad as in the stores. But then I quit the book club - sent in my notice and everything. Well, darned if they don't want me back and sent me 20% off coupons to prove it. So do I join again and get this one or wait for it in paperback? The library is out because I lost my card and for Howard and JD Robb books, the waiting list is almost a long as the wait for MM publication. *sigh* decisions, decisions.

  2. Oh - and welcome to the world of blogging! I hope you keep on going 'cause there are never enough of us :)

  3. Hi, welcome to the romance blog world, found you through Kristie.

    I liked this book, but I love reading the villains' POV, but I'm kind of odd that way.

  4. Hi nath! Followed from Kristie's blog. I too enjoy Linda Howard and look forward to reading this.

  5. blogging is fun, stick around and you'll make lots of crazy new freidns! ok, never read this book, or any by this woman so I can't comment on that. so I'll just say welcome to Blogland!

  6. Thank you everyone for commenting!! :D (it's so cool)... I'm sorry if it took time for me to answer, i have to get into the habit of checking ^^;

    Well I've only recently started buying hardcover (like about 2 years), but I have to agree with you that they are expensive... I picked up Cover of Night because I wanted the new Kay Hooper absolutely...

    Kristie, it's pretty much up to you :D If you're impulsive like me, 20% off is pretty good :P If you think you can wait. The best i guess is to find a friend that lives by :P

    Tara Marie - ha, I'm the complete opposite of you! I usually skip everything that is from the villains' POV so i guess that's why I didn't enjoy it as much. However, in addition, I thought the relationship btw Cal and Cate unsatisfying --> too quick, not enough development.

    Ames, Mailyn - thank you for welcoming me :D

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