Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ever wanted to kick yourself?

That's how I'm feeling right now. I'm not done with my TBR pile yet, I have a manga to read as well and I have to watch like 9 eps. of House before returning the DVD, but it doesn't matter, I'm already thinking of my next buy (book)... I want this book after reading Cindy and Jay's reviews.

So why am I kicking myself? Because there's no more copies at either Chapters or Indigo or Coles in Montreal. In the whole Montreal. So that means I have to order it, either at the store or online and I don't usually do that. I know lots of ppl order their books, but I usually don't... and I'm even more angry at myself because I did pick this book up a few weeks ago. I was going to buy it! and then I put it back. ARGH. So yeah, it really angers me when I want to buy book and put it back down on the shelf and the next time, there's no more :(


  1. LOL I just finished reading it. Want me to send it to you?

  2. Ames - are you serious? :D It'd be awesome if you sent it to me... by the way, what's your opinion on it? did you like it or...

  3. Ames! I just checked chapters/indigo site and it seems that they've re-stocked so I can go buy it tonight :D but thanx for the kind offer!

  4. Oh you're welcome. and I was serious, gotta spread the love you know. LOL

    I'll be posting my review up later.