Monday, July 17, 2006

July TBR challeng no 2

I have to say I am quite happy that this month's challenge theme is "romantic suspens" cos it's really my genre :D

So here we go for my second challenge:

Title: Angels Fall

Author: Nora Roberts

Year published: July 2006

Why did you get this book? Bought it at Chapters... I cave in, I wasn't going to, but heard good comments...

Do you like the cover? It's okay. A bit bland... it would have been nicer if the author's name and the title wasn't all over the cover and if there was more color in the pic.

Did you enjoy the book? Yep, it was a great read

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? Haha, it's Nora Roberts :P 'course I've read her before... and yes, I will read her again. Only question is: hardcover or can I wait?

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Keeping it :D (hardcover after all, but even if it was a paperback, I would keep it...) I hardly ever pass on any Nora Roberts' books...

Anything else? Like I say, the book is a great read. I was quite disappointed by NR last two books (Northern Lights and Blue Smoke), but this one is much better and worth it. The story is interesting: Reece is quite brave and I like Reece and Brody interaction... man, he really doesn't sugarcoat anything! I actually like small-town stories, so this was fun :D

So, let see... I'm a bit experimenting how I'm going to do my reviews... I mean, there's so many great bloggers with really nice and not detailed, but well-written reviews ^^; Okay, so...

- characters are good, believable, entertaining, lovable.
- great plot/storyline; just going through Reece's evolution was great... the suspens was just a bonus
- timeline spanned a few months, but the transition was great.

- I thought the intrigue was resolved quite fast at the end... I guess it's like that in real life, as in you only need one clue to solve the whole puzzle...
- the ending was quite abrupt... i mean, what about all the other characters? okay, they weren't that important, but still... Mac, Doc, Joanie... What about Reece restaurant? will she open it or not? So yeah, the ending was quite open (which I don't usually like, I like it spelled out)
- the secondary love-story was a bit blah as in not developed enough.

All in all, still very good :D Oh, and one thing tho that Angels Fall cannot compare with Blue Smoke is the family dynamics since Reece is pretty much alone.... which is a pity, because NR is great at family dynamics.