Thursday, July 20, 2006

Template... HELP!

hello ppl :D

so, I need help... seriously... I've been playing around with my blog lately - bet you didn't even notice- and that's exactly the problem. I'm having difficulties with the template... this is hard. First, I want to add stuff in the side bar, so how do I do this?

1) I have a pic of natuschan (a character) that I'd like to post as my pic in profile like Tara Marie

2) I guess it's same problem as no.1 - how do I post covers of books I want/am reading, etc. in the side bar?

3) I saw that some other blogs had "Recent comments" feature and I was wondering how we put it up or is it a paying option...

sigh, yep, so any help would be greatly appreciate!!!

thanx in advance

*edit - oups... for #1, I didn't refresh... silly me*


  1. OK - I can't help with the avatar thing because I haven't figured it out myself yet. I will email you instructions on how to get pictures in your side bar. If you want them in the actual blog itself - for me anyway it's a lot more complicated. I have a test blog and I downloaded Picassa for that. Let me know if you need more help and for the third one - I don't know why you don't have recent posts showing up because that seems to be a regular feature of blogger.
    So - one out of three I can help with.

  2. thanks for your help Kristie... well, as you can see for the avatar, it's okay, issue solved :P it was because I didn't refresh... if you want to upload an avatar, you edit your profile and upload a pic.

    I do have "recent posts," it's just that it's named "Previous"... going to spend the week-end exploring and playing with blogger :D

    thank you for you help, it's really appreciated.

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