Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Recent reads

I really should be typing my progress report, but I don't know what to write... so let's write this instead :D I don't know if it's been my mood lately, but I can't seem to find a book entertaining from beginning to end and I've been picking up little things that annoy me and usually wouldn't... Perhaps I should stop reading endings first. Anyway, I've been reading a lot of average books and am wondering if the grade wouldn't change if I was in a better mood.

Southern Comforts
by JoAnn Ross: 3/5

I usually enjoy JoAnn Ross' books and this one wasn't bad; however, it wasn't the best. The intrigue was so-so as well. On the first page of the book, you had a list of characters and a little description and their motives, but once you start reading the book, it's easy to eliminate more than half...

Cash and Chelsea used to be lovers during college and then, Cash left. However, don't worry, Chelsea wasn't heart-broken as Cash was only her boy-toy. Ever since she was young, Chelsea expected to marry Nelson, a snob, at the age of 30. Why 30? Because only then, would she inherit 2 millions $ from her great-grandmother. Before 30 y.o and bye bye the money. So obviously, she's not in love with Nelson, even Cash who wasn't ready to commit could tell. Then, of course, Nelson is cheating on her and she has no idea until she walks on him. I'm sorry, but this is just a bit too cliche for me. Then, she falls into Cash's arms and that's it. So not much romantic development really, not much tension either. You go to point A to B in a straight line. As a result, this book still gets a 3 from me because it's well-written and you can still enjoy it, even if the characters and the story are cliche and forgettable.

The Red Heart of Jade by Marjorie Liu: 3/5
*is Book #3 of the Dirk & Steele series

Genre: paranormal (psychic powers)

I first discovered Marjorie Liu through the live journal romance community where lots of ppl were praising her work. So I went out and bought the first 2 books of the series. Personally, I find the books - this one included - okay reads only. I think it's the intrigue, because aside from the romance story, you have an intrigue and it's always so... big, like a conspiracy.

So, The Red Heart of Jade is the story of Dean from the Dirk & Steele agency where all agents have psychic powers... Here, ick no. 1 - I don't think it was ever explain what Dean's psychic powers are exactly. It seems he can see everyone's energy and follow its trail in addition to having visions... but I don't think he's precog. Anyway, Dean, along with his parter Koni - a shapeshifter- is investigating a series of murders in Taipei involving a pyromaniac. Well inspecting the apartment of the last victim, he finds the picture of a woman - Mirabella Lee... the one and only one woman Dean has ever loved and who he taught was dead for the last 2 decades. Turns out that Mirabella is in danger and Dean involves himself, that everything is connected to the series of murders he was investigating and that actually, he's part of it too.

I'll skip the details, because it's way too complicated to summarize and that's the ick no. 2 - too complicated, too confusing for me. I had difficulty to keep up with the story. Too much details, too much characters that have no development. By the way, why doesn't Mirabella freaks out? She's not psychic and has never witnessed these things... so why? Just a little panic would have seemed normal to me... I guess she didn't have time.

Anyway, this book had good main characters - I liked Dean and Mirabella... by the way, Dean is so different than in Book #1 and I guess that's the true him, but it's the story that failed and lots of things left unexplained.


  1. Nath, I'm going to kiss your feet. I thought I was the only person in romanceland that didn't "love" Marjoire Lui's series. We stand united--LOL.

  2. So far, I've only really liked the first one, Shadow Heart. Though I haven't read this one yet.

  3. Tara Marie - Yes, we stand united! and I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one either! It's really to see all those comments praising an author and be like: am I missing something? Now, to see if we're really on the same page, what about J.R. Ward?

    Angie - um, there's no Shadow Heart :P If you're talking about the first one, then it's Tiger Eyes and the second one is Shadow Touch... so I don't really know which one you mean.. :P

  4. alot of people are going through a reading slump right now.

    I can't say that I've found anyone author or set to rave about like I used to with Linda Howard's oldies (not the newer ones!), but after a time of hardly reading anything but re-reads and outside-of-romance, I'm picking up on some that are more enjoyable.

    Perhaps I'm just catching up with everyone else, and I'll hit the slump again too.

  5. squeeee!!!!!! I just realized I commented on the wrong post. lol.

    I'm loving this place. I've read a few of your entries and I'm adding you to my reading list. Mehehe.

  6. Mailyn - it's fine, it's fine if you post on the wrong post :D Me too, I'm going to have to add some links to my sidebars :D and keep coming back, I'm a fast reader :P

    Zeek - I hope for you you never hit a reading slump. It's boring and hard to get out. I've been quite lucky in the sense that I've only start reading romance a few years ago (less than a decade), so I've discovered a lot of authors. Just in the past year, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Linda Howard and Sharon Sala and I've been looking for the backlist - incredibly difficult for Linda Howard however... so hopefully, I'll keep adding authors to my list :D

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