Thursday, July 20, 2006

Libraries - argh!!!!

So, libraries are usually bookworms heaven... i mean, libraries = free books right? and that's awesome, I mean, you never have enough books. Never.

However, let me tell you that Qc province libraries sux for English readers. Big time.

I am so frustrated! I do read in French, but I've chosen to focus on English a few years ago for few reasons: 1) most of the books I read were written in English and so, it's much better to read in its original language instead of traduction. 2) It's less hassle - no 10-12 verb tenses, no real gender - which makes it easier to read and more casual. 3) Much more books.

So yeah, for me, it's much more fun reading in English than in French... however, being in a French province... most budget goes to French books. It's totally understandable and in small towns, it's fine... however, not in Montreal... not in "la Bibliotheque nationale du Quebec." I went this afternoon for the first time in what, 3-4 months... even longer. I want to cry... In a library of 6 floors, English suspens+romance+sci-fi books took up 5 shelves units. FIVE.SHELVES.UNITS. Pretty pathetic for such a big, big library...

Then, there's the slow processing of the books and the choice of books... yes, all the popular authors are present - Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Barbara Bradford... but what about other less popular authors? what about other genres than pure romance?

so yeah, I'm frustrated at the moment... esp. because I cannot go buy more books :(


  1. So sorry your library situation is bad! I don't know what I'd do without mine (don't hate me, but it's fantastic.)

    I'm surprised the Montreal collection is so small. Do they have other branches that you could request intralibrary loans through? They do that with the NYC branches.

    :) Welcome to blogland!

  2. Montreal collection is so small, because most budget goes for the French section. Unfortunately, French has priority...

    and thanx for the welcoming :D

  3. That really sucks!! My only complaint with my library is that paperbacks cannot be requested and processing times are really slow.

  4. yeah, well libraries over here almost always buy the books in hardcovers... so we miss all the good authors that don't publish in hardcovers. sad. (processing time can be slow too...)