Sunday, July 23, 2006

random thoughts

#1 - You never have enough of books

I think that I've reached a new low in my life... this morning, I had to sneak to go buy books... There's a difference between sneaking in the books you've just bought and to sneak to go buy books and I've crossed the line.

All I have to say is: I'm sorry Mom, but you don't leave me a choice.

I know that I buy lots of books, but seriously, it's aint that bad: I don't use all my paychecks and I re-read all the books I've kept. Yes, I've been quite dependent of my parents, but for the past two years, I've tried my best to buy books with my money and I've been quite successful. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I'm home almost every night of the week by 7 pm... I go out with my friends perhaps once a week only to go to the movie or out to eat (almost never both at the same time)... and even when we go out, we don't go clubbing. Basically, I live a simple life and my weaknesses are books, tvb series and eating out (most of the time, lunch). Really, I think I'm a good girl... and still, my mom frowns at the number of books I buy. At least, books are cheaper than clothes!

I've been quite frustrated about it for the past week... and it has gotten worst when my sis told me that my mom came in in my room to stare at my bookcase, asking how much it was worth... my sis answered that a book is about 10$/each... and my mom asked my sis to count them!!!! The good thing is my sis didn't do it... she's too lazy and in her opinion, I have too many books.
Seriously, I'd consider it a problem if I wasn't eating because I bought books or if I couldn't pay my rent because of it (not that I'm paying any rent) or if I was neglecting stuff, but I am not. The situation probably wouldn't be as bad if I had a good library, but they aren't any...

So yeah, went to Indigo and Chapters this morning, while my parents are still at the temple, to buy books and hid them.

#2 - Do you think that education is overrated?

Okay, education is probably not over-rated, but to go to university/college is. I was watching a tv show yesterday where the parents insisted that their daughter went to college. A new movie is coming out soon, where the main character could not get into any college, so he decided to fake one... I've just learnt that my little cousin, in the USA, is going to college next September and will stay at a residence and it will cost ...

30,000$ US/year

Wow, that's 10x what I paid in my undergrad for a year. So basically, my whole undergrad studies cost 1/3 of what she has to pay for a year. it's something to think about... and I've been wondering if it was really worth it... The way people talk nowadays, it seems that you can't have a good life if you don't go to college, but what happens once you're in? Because of university, it's become more difficult to know what you want to do in your life... it's been difficult to find the motivation. In science, a bachelor is not enough... so you have to go on and do a master if you want a good job. Once you're done with your master, you really have to think about continuing. Yes, doing a Ph.D. will give you a better salary, but hello... it's at least 5 years. Worse, how many job positions is there for Ph.D.? I know lots of ppl who have a Ph.D., but end up doing a job of a master degree... anyway, nowadays, Ph.D. is not enough , you need a post-doc. So yeah, I'm wondering what will ppl need in 5 or 10 years to work.

Also, university doesn't prepare you to the real life that well. Yes, you get good education, but will you be able to apply everything you learn? And then, how much will you have to learn in addition when you get your job. Anyway, this probably mostly apply to science, cos that's been my only experience, but it's quite depressing. I've thought many times during my undergrad that perhaps, I should have become a secretary - do you know how many job offers they are on the market with good salary? tons compared to sciences.

Oh, one last thing... my supervisor right now is from France... and European school systems are quite different from North American's... as in, education is free (at least in France and Germany). At least, your undergrad. The other day, we were talking and I've always wondered about those huge national exam that they have in Europe... You had to pass the national exam in order to get your degree (and you have one for almost every subject), so can you imagine the amount of stress. I was wondering why there weren't any in North America (I don't count the US SAT exam, because you have to pass in high school and it's more a placement test for university) and basically, he told me that with the amount of money you pay in N.A, you expect to get a degree at the end... basically, we are buying our degrees... Somewhere, I think he is right.

Anyway, something to think about it...