Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How much is too much?

Happy Halloween everyone!

Nope, I don't have any nice pics... but if you're looking for some, there's Mailyn and Zeek. If you follow Zeek's link to her BF's blog where he has posted Halloween pics, you might want to avoid that last picture. *shudder* I hope to erase that image from my mind as fast as possible! :P

Still haven't finished anything... I'm currently reading No Rest for the Wicked (trying to complete my TBR challenge... I don't even remember if I've sign up or not :P) so, so, so... oh yeah, I wanted to ask: How much is too much?

What am I talking about right? So we all know that one of the most popular romance author is Nora Roberts. Come on, I know a lot of you are closet fans :) I like her work, although I have to admit that her last few books, except for Angel's Fall, have been disappointing. I mean, her Garden trilogy - I didn't even bother to finish reading it, and her new paranormal trilogy is, well... cliché and quite typical. I mean, half-way of the first novel and you know what's going to be the pairing... cos it soo obvious. I must admit that it's well-written, but I don't see anything special about it and I don't understand why so many praise it... maybe I'm being dense? But seriously, I've seen more original plot, her characters are recycled, the appearance of Morrigan reminds me of the Key trilogy and as for action, yes there is a lot, but I've seen much more (hey, blame it on kung fu story... action-wise, you can't beat that)... so yeah, I'm quite unimpressed. I think that trilogy-wise, she should take a step back and focus on relationships rather than a quest, like the Chespeake trilogy with the Quinn brothers.

Anyway, aside from writing romance novels, Nora Roberts also writes the In Death series, a futuristic romance/mystery series, under the pen name of J.D. Robb. We all know that this series is hugely popular... More than 20 novels to the series and you still have tons of fans following it, me included. That's quite wow in my opinion. Anyway, Born in Death is coming out next week, but already, dedicated fans of the In Death series are talking and only talking about Innocent in Death which is coming out February 2007. There's already tons of spoilers about this series out and ARC are being sold on ebay... The last one was won at the insane price of... 400$. Yep, 400$ for an ARC...

So seriously, I'm wondering how much is too much? Let's do some quick maths:

400$ US = 448$ CDN
1 book = abt 10$
so with 448$, I can buy at least 40 books (tax = 6%)

Hmm, I mean, I've been willing to pay 25$ for a Jennifer Crusie out-of-print book (shipping included) in the past, but 400$ for an ARC? Euh, I don't think so... I'd rather wait for it to come out in February, even if this mean I'll die of curiosity, which by the way, I'm not. I guess what's intriguing ppl is that Roarke and Eve are having a marital crisis, but still... we all know that they'll still be together at the end of it, so why worry so much?

Sooo, what are you willing to pay for a book (not an ARC)?

My answer: Me, if it's a book that I can buy in the store, of course I don't want to pay full price. For an out-of-print book, probably as I did in the past 25-30$ and that would be my limit. (okay, perhaps 50$, but that's really, really it - and that would esp. be for vietnamese books because they're hard to find, so of course, they're expensive). ARC? Never for me, I'll just wait thank you.


  1. Gah, I need to read the In Death books. I haven't read one in a while. J.D. Robb is my guilty read, because it is not something would normally read.

    Anyways, I am lucky to pay over 20 bucks for a book. No matter what it is! I haven't got into the ebay shopping. I would NEVER pay over 400 bucks on an ARC. I would wait. And I am back on like book 5, so I have a long way to go anyways before I am caught up.

  2. I do love the In Death books, I'll admit, but not really crazy about the other stuff.

    No, I can't see myself spending more than $20 on a book, ARC or not. Suzanne Brockmann's "Ladie's Man" was going for, what, $1000 or some crazy amt on ebay, and look what happened - it's been released. And an ARC is nice, I've gotten plenty of them, but I've never had to pay, and I would never pay for one on ebay.

  3. Note: To the idiot that payed $400 dollars for an ARC, please send me money. I am in dire need of cash to buy more books, feed my dogs, and pay my mortage. Thanks! :-)

    That's just ridiculous. Oh and I had no clue this Nora woman was one of the top Romance writers. Me? For romance I'll pay up to 10 if the book is great. 15 is only an option if it's superb [like the Poison Study books] but I TRY and wait for the paperback.

    Fantasy I am willing to pay more but it depends on a lot of things.

    Collectibles and antiques, well, that I'll cost way more. LOL.

  4. I would never pay that much for a book. Crazy crazy.

    Hmm, I can see some rabid LKH fans paying that much. LOL

  5. I love the In Death books. I get them from the library though and there is a waiting list, I am #130 out of 180 people so far so I am going to have to wait a bit. I do not really read her other stuff except I am reading her new Circle trilogy and am on the second book right now.
    I can not bring myself to spend more than $20 on a book let alone $400 (eyes bulging out).

  6. Okay, I'll just clear out something tho... I've seen that most of you are unwilling to pay even 20$ for a book :P The Born in Death that I've just ordered online is about 20$ and that's Canadian $$... Hardcovers in Canada are 35$ which I don't understand, because if you convert the US price to Canadian $, it doesn't equal 35$... anyway, if I can buy a hardcover at around 20$, I think it's worth :P

    Kailana - Book 5 in the series? wow, you have a long way :D that's kind of fun tho, to have books to read and don't have to wait for the next.

    Stacy - Hello Stacy :D welcome :) (I think it's the first time you post a comment)a 1000$, that's really crazy! Where do you usually get your ARC?

    Mailyn - haha, I know... it's kind of a waste tho 400$ for a book... sigh. I guess we all have limits and I agree with yours :D By the way, just out of curiositiy... did you read Haru wo Daite Ita yet? and what about Kelley Armstrong's online stories?

    Ames - rabid fangirls are scary as well as crazy. *shakes head*

    Kris - wow, that's a big waiting list... amazing. Is there more than one copy?

  7. I normally will not pay high prices for books but when AAR had their auction for Katrina I did spend more than I normally would but I bid on the less expensive items.

    I will spend about 50 bucks for the last Anne Stuart I need to get all her books but I think the book goes for about 25 bucks so I think I'm okay ;)

    See, I'm not in dangerous territory yet ;)


  8. I'm a major JD Robb fan, and but I'm savoring the books and I'm way behind on the series, purposely. I don't know anything about spoilers, which I'm glad about.

    (I've stopped and reread what I've already read.)

    Anyway, I loved Angels Fall and I didn't care as much for the garden series either. I haven't read the new paranormal series. I did really really like the Key series.

    And one of my recent faves was Birthright.

  9. Oh, wait, I forgot to answer the question.

    I'd wait for the book, if it's a new release. Something to look forward to!

    For an out of print or rare book, yeah, I'd spend money.

    The most I ever spent on a book was a highly collectible, very rare first print run version of Nancy Drew The Clue of the Velvet Mask. I bought it for $250, but it's worth about $500. Or more.

  10. ugh. no WAY would I pay that. Maybe for a Jane Austen but Nora Roberts? huh uh.

  11. I'm way cheap. :0

    I hardly ever buy hardcovers. I even balk at paying for trade paperbacks ($14??). And $400 for an arc? NO WAY! That's craziness.

    I will admit that I love Nora Roberts. But I will agree with you that all her books are basically the same. I've just started on JD Robb, so I've got tons of them left to read before I catch up.

  12. Cindy - well, if you bid for a Katrina auction, that's different :P you're doing a good deed, so it's understandable. I think that 50$ is a reasonable amount, considering that harcover in Canada are sold at 35$ so if it's for a book that's hard to get, I think it's worth.

    Colleen - wow, that's high... but then, compared to what it's worth, you bought if for 50% less! that's nice... but then, as you say, it's collectible, so it's different as well. here, we're talking about an ARC of a book that's coming out in 3-4 months, is it really worth 400$ to know the story in advance? As for Nora, I thought her Key trilogy was okay... I don't know, I think I'm doing an overdose :P Birthright was good, but not my favorite.

    Zeek - maybe in 40 years, Nora will become the Jane Austen :P

    Jennie - being cheap is okay :D I spend on books, because it's really my only expense, so you know. I actually don't really buy trade paperbacks... I'd rather go for the paperback or the hardcover... I've recently started buying hardcovers because now, I have a job... I'm no longer a poor student :P (well maybe a bit, but better than before)

    400$ for a book tho, that's not even a collectible, I agree that it's too much.

    As for Nora Roberts book, they're the same, but they work. They're still good, so I have nothing to complain about... but her trilogy are way too similar to each other in term of romance storyline. anyway...