Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Dream-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

So where to start... The Dark-Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have to say that I've followed this series for a bit more than 1.5 year now. I really devoured the books at first, but I've been disappointed with Dark Side of the Moon and even though Unleash the Night was good, it still left an empty feeling. Personally, I don't like the direction Nick Gauthier is taking, so I guess as long as he doesn't appear too much, I'll be fine.

The Dark-Hunters series is actually broken down into three categories: the Dark-Hunters, the Were-Hunters and the Dream-Hunters. This is the first installment of the Dream-Hunter series which is why the book was released as paperback instead of hardcover.

The Dream-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon: 3.75/5
published in February 2007 by St.Martin's Paperbacks

Dr. Megeara Kafieri, aka Geary, has promised to her father, on his deathbed, to continue his research and prove Atlantis was real. At first, it was only an empty promise made to her estranged father whose quest for Atlantis has cost him his reputation as a scholar, but also almost all his family. However, when Geary hold proofs that Atlantis is real in her hands, she sets out to keep her promise.

Long ago, dream-hunters have been cursed by Zeus and are now devoided of all feelings except for pain. Arikos or Arik used to be an Oneroi - a dream-hunter whose function is to protect humans; however, because of Solin, a half-god with dream-hunter's power, also cousin of Arik, temptation, Arik turned into a Skotos, a dream-hunter who craves feelings and thus, "parasites" humans' dreams. After Arik stumbled onto Geary's dreams, he did not want to leave and so struck a bargain with Hades : Arik would become 100% human for 2 weeks, able to feel and have emotions, and when he returned, he'd had to bring back Geary's soul for Hades.

Once human, Arik - with the help of Solin- obtained the permits necessary for Geary for the excavation of Atlantis, as she has found its location. However, many gods are worried that Geary will release Apollymi and so, put obstacles in Geary's path. In addition, the 3 Oneroi leaders are worried that someone in the high places will find out that the curse on the dream-hunters is weakening through Arik and one of them takes matter in his hands by sending the Dolphoni/Furies to deal with Arik.

Series: The Dark-Hunters series (Book 11 - anthologies not included)
Genre: Paranormal romance

Review: Well as I mentionned already, I thought this book was a good read, better than Dark Side of the Moon. However, if someone wanted continuation of the series, you'll be disappointed. First, this book takes place in 1996, i.e. we're going back in the past, even before the series started. In addition, there is only 2 pages worth of Archeron. On the other hand, what is interesting is that it gives a lot of insight on the gods and the other "paranormal beings" besides the Dark-Hunters, such as the, well, dream-hunters, but also Chthonians (god killers) and Dolphoni and other Olympian gods. Also, we get to re-visit some other characters, such as Katra, who gets a rather big part, andM'Adoc, which appeared in Dance with the Devil as Zarek's dream-hunter.

The Characters - Let see, what do I have to say about these characters. Quite frankly, not much. Arik is like any other Dark-Hunter - tall, long hair, physically perfect, sexy, etc. - as for his personality, well not very different than the others either. The only thing is, never having been around humans, he's a bit clueless. Aside from that, I thought he lacked a bit of depth... Aside from the fact that he suffered a lot of pain, as like all the other dream-hunters, his only story is that he became a Skotos after fighting with Solin. Is that really sad? No. As for Geary, well she was a nice gal... What can I say... I did like her, but again nothing much to say. I think this book, although the characters played a big role, the story was more interesting. Or perhaps, what has to be said is that again, the secondary characters were more interesting and stole the spotlight. First, there was Katra... now that's a very complex character and everytimes she appears, we're given just pieces and bits of her past. Solin was another interesting character. He appeared as a jerk, but there's something behind him. Heck even ZT (Zebulon) was more intriguing. So, to sum it up... boring main characters, but intriguing secondary characters.

The Story & Writing - I really think something should be clear... no person is devoid of emotions and writing about those kind of chracters is really hard, especially if you want to make them realistic. In addition, when a character is devoid of feelings, then there's only one path for the author - to make this character have emotions and ultimately love. Ultimately, the premises are not bad, just very predictable. Again, it's not the main characters evolution that was interesting, but the whole story in general. The Dream-Hunter's curse, the bargain between Hades, Arik and when how Geary and Kat got Ares out of it. Also, the whole killing Arik scheme and Apollymi's presence. You also learn quite a bit about the gods story.

The Cover - I'd have preferred it if there wasn't a face taking half the space. However, I have to admit that at least, for once, the model fits the description.

Am I keeping the book? Yes. I'll decide what I'll do with the series after Ash's story, but I doubt that I'll throw them away... because there are some good stories in this series.

Anything else? Yes, what are the chances that Katra is Ash's soulmate? Seriously, she's a very complex character and she has the upper hand on Ash. I mean, she knows everything about Ash, but Ash doesn't even know she exists. Isn't that interesting? I don't understand why some ppl don't like Kat...


  1. LOL At this point in the series, who is still reading for the romance? Personally, I find all the god stuff surrounding Ash way more interesting. So hopefully this book will be at the used book store by June. hehe

    I think I need to reread Z's story. I have no recollection of Katra.

    p.s. Did you tell your mom about the ticket?

  2. I cannot wait to read this one. It sounds great! Currently I am working on Full Moon Rising and Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur, love them.

  3. I haven't started this series because I have heard that Ash hasn't had his story told. Since I have enough series driving me crazy I figure I could wait. So is Ash's book on the horizon or just a dream?


  4. Ames - So true! Who reads it for the romance? well I guess I still do :P but you're absolutely right, everything surrounding Ash and the gods are much more interesting to learn about. The book will probably be there, or I'll lend you my copy :)

    As for Kat, she didn't appear in Z's story. She appeared in A Kiss in the Night (Wulf's story) as Cassandra's bodyguard, as well as Valerian's story where she saved Ash's life.

    and no, I didn't tell my mom about the ticket. I figure since she's in a happy mood lately, I'll just shut up. If she finds out, too bad, but if not, good for me. Also, does insurance increase everytime you get a ticket?

    Kris - It was interesting and you get to learn about a world that the author hasn't touched so far, so there is some sense of novelty. I have Full Moon Rising, but still haven't managed to get into it... I saw Kissing Sun and almost bought it, but I'm not sure :P Nice cover tho!

    Cindy - Apparently, Ash's story is coming at the end of this year - December 2007. From what I've read however, is that Ash story was going to be 2 books-long. What the author was going to try to do was released both books within a month - well I hope she succeeds!

  5. I'm with you about reading for the Ash factor!

    but I'll probably pick this one up eventually ...

  6. Hey this was the one that was supposed to have Ash's heroine appear. She was supposed to have an A in her name. Do you think it's Katra? I got more of a "family" feeling from her in Seize the Night. I don't love her. Oh well, I'll have to read the book to get more insight.

    The cover model looks like Adrian Grenier from Entourage.

  7. Zeek - Thanks Zeek :) I don't think the book is necessary for the continuation of the series, given that it took place in the past. but it does give insight into the gods more... So lucky for Ms. Kenyon, this was a nice save :)

    Devon - Well, Katra's family name is Agrotera... so perhaps, it's really her. I mean, the only other females in this book with an A were Geary's cousin, Cinthia (Please, not her!!!! annoying, superficial woman!)and Artemis and Appolymi. By the way, it's definitively not family love... and can you tell me why you don't like her? I'm just curious :P cos I know many don't. I just can't see why.

  8. Hey Nath, I just saw your question about Katra. I don't have anything against Katra as a character, just not really feeling her for Ash. I would imagine anybody who's somewhat invested in this series and in Ash has a different take, but I would've preferred somebody who seemed like less of a female version of him. In appearance and powers etc. She doesn't grab me as a character outside of being powerful.

    Now, why do you like her?

  9. What to say?! If you don't like something....leave it alone. There are some of us out there that LOVE the series, and feel the life that it has taken on. It's not just a romance has become a story full of people we know and love. I personally can't wait for Jaden's story, but besides that I find I love all the characters equally. Some may have more or less of a sad story...or even not quite a spark to their relationship, but each book shows heart and soul. All I can say is that Ms. Kenyon has done an awesome job, and I hope the series continues for a long LONG time. God knows, I haven't found too many writers that I collect ALL of their books religiously.

  10. Well I'm glad that you still love this series. I'm just stating my honest opinion and I'm not being mean or attacking anyone. I used to love this series as well and I still love parts of it... I just don't feel the same way as you do for this series and it's not a crime.