Friday, February 09, 2007


Hey everyone!

Finally/Already Friday! A couple more hours and it's the week-end! So, anyway, I was just wondering what was everyone's plans for the week-end.

First, for me, I'd like the temperature to warm up, cos it's been, on average, -35 degree Celcius the whole week, in other words, freaking cold. Aside from that, well there's reading and scrapbooking on the program and I hope to have time to play with the layout :)

well have a nice week-end everyone!


  1. Hi Nath, I realise when I read my post that I wasn't clear about the contest so I'll write up another post explaining it better. And yeah, I remeber reading two Louise Bagshawe books that were exactly the same with different people. Weird

  2. Happy Weekend Nath!!

    I am going apartment hunting this weekend and I want to try and see Pan's Labyrinth too.

    You should move to Winnipeg so we can pool our book resources. Plus, it's -35 here all the time, and we have a french part of town, it'll be just like home!!


  3. oh my gosh-- negative 35!! I've been complaining all week because it's been in the 20s Fahrenheit here (I have no idea what that is in Celsius). I obviously need to quit moaning and toughen up! LOL.

    Well, I hope you stay warm and have a nice weekend!

  4. Hope you had a great warm weekend indoors ;) Our windchills will be in the - 20s for the week and that's balmy compared to last week ;) My weekend was meh.


  5. Hi Maria - thanx for the clarification :) I'll go post now :) As for Louise Bagshawe, well I haven't read many books by her, but it happens. Recylcing the plot, with new characters - sad, but true.

    Ames - if you find me a job, I'll come and be your roomate! Hope you found an apartment :) as for the -35, I could do without!

    Jennie - I've never understood the difference between Fahrenheit and Celcius, but yeah, -35 is colder! anyway, it's because of the wind, grrr. and you have a right to moaning, just to the right person :P

    Cindy - Yeah, I didn't go outside that much :) So sad, when we have to say that -20 is balmy ^^; But yeah, i agree. Hope you'll have a better week than week-end.