Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

Hey everyone!!

Happy Chinese New Year! If you didn't know, this year is the year of the Pig!!! and don't badmouth pigs, as I am one :)

Oh, I'd like to thank everyone who asked about my dad's eye surgery. It went well and was quite successful. I drove him for his checkup on Saturday morning and everything was fine; however, he'll need new glasses :) Right now, it's funny cos he doesn't wear his anymore, since he sees blurry with them Went to 1$ shop to buy him reading glasses with nerd frame LOL. You can't be chooser for a 2.50$ pair I guess :P He says that he can see a lot better from a distance, so that's a good news.

So I woke up Saturday morning and drove him to his check-up. Also went to buy flowers for the pagoda. Came home and scrubbed my room clean. It's quite freaky cos it doesn't look like my room anymore, it's so clean. Same thing for the bathroom :P Then I rushed to work (the receptionist work)... 4.5 hours and I got only 2 phone calls - talk about a relax job!! So I got to read one of my new book, Chasing Stanley by Deirde Martin (review coming up this week).
Came home, took a shower and head to the pagoda to celebrate the New Year :)

Then today, I read and napped and ate :P If you ask me, that's the perfect way to celebrate New Year :P

Just before getting back to my reading, here is the list of books I'm not keeping. If you're interested in a book just le me know. You have till, hmmm, Saturday in 2 weeks :)

Night everyone!

Karen Marie Moning
Beyond the Highland Mist
To Tame a Highland Warrior
The Dark Highlander
The Immortal Highlander

T.J. MacGregor
Black Water
Total Silence

Carrie Vaughn
Kitty and the Midnight Hour

L.A. Banks
The Hunted

Caitlin Brennan
The Mountain's Call

Kimberly Cates
The Gazebo

Georgette Heyer

Lynn Kurland
Much Ado in the Moonlight

Christie Golden
On Fire's Wings
In Stone's Clasp

Elizabeth Hoyt
The Raven Prince

Allison Brennan
Speak no Evil


  1. Kung Hei Fat Choy, Nath!

    After to the dog, I think the pig is the next cutest animal in the Chinese zodiac. I think I want one for a pet. LOL!

  2. Happy New Year Sweetums!

    (I'm the dog- that was 2006 wasn't it??? And yeah I know, NO man wants a "dog" wife, seems we're stubborn scappers or something like that?)

  3. Happy Chinese New Year. I was talking about this holiday last week with my students.

  4. I have always wondered if I would like the first two authors that you are getting rid of, but I am not interested enough to buy hem when I can spend my money on other things...

    And Happy Chinese New Year to you as well!

  5. Happy New Year Nath!

    I spent my Sunday in a similar manner-I actually finished a whole book! LOL

  6. Thanx everyone for their New Year wishes :)

    Kookie - Yep, it's the pig year :D Personally, I think all of the Chinese zodiac are pretty cute, esp. after reading this manga called Fruits Basket :) But yeah, pig is my fav. since I'm one!

    Zeek - Is that why all my "dog" friends are still single? No, kidding :) and yeah, dog was last year :) Hope it wasn't such a bad year for you... apparently, when it's your year, it's not lucky... so perhaps this year will get better :)

    Kris - Students? You're a teacher?

    Kailana - Well if you want them, their yours :) Just say the right words :P

    Ames - AMES!! So, did you find an apartment? and which book did you finish?

  7. Happy Year of the Pig to you! What!?!? You're getting rid of The Raven Prince?!?! I'd say I'd take it but since I already have it (and loved it) I'll let it go to another worthy home :)
    And it's good to hear your dad's eye surgery went well!

  8. Hi Nath,

    Happy New Year. Just done replying your mail. Good to hear that your dad's fine.

  9. Happy New Year Nath! (I believe I am a day late, sorry!)

    I'm surprised how many of us were born the year of the dog! Hey, even my hubby (12 years older than me) was born in the year of the dog.

    Okay, that's way too cool ;)

    Sounds like you have the perfect kind of New Year day!


  10. nath, yeah, I teach elementary music

  11. Kristie - Thanx for your wishes and for my father ;P As for the book, yeah, I didn't really like The Raven Prince ^^; However, there's already someone who wants it! :)

    Edmund - Hey, Happy New Year to you too :) Saw the email, will answer tonight ;)

    Cindy - thanx :) Yeah, it seems like they are a lot of ppl born the year of dog :) As for me, i know tons of pigs :P Almost all my friend are :P and yeah, it was perfect, good and relaxing. Too bad the week is not.

    Kris - hey, that's cool :) must be fun working with kids ;)

  12. Glad everything went well with your dad's surgery.

    Happy new piggie!!! I'm a rabbit.

  13. I was born in the year of the Tiger.

    I wish I could roar at the idiots I have to work with...sigh...
    Happy New Year!

    Glad your daddy is doing good!


  14. Hey sweets-still no apartment and I just blogged about the book I read - Full Moon Rising, by Keri Arthur. :P

  15. Mailyn! Yeah, my dad's surgery went well, however, he really wants a pair of glasses now! :P I like rabbit :) Did you read/watch Fruits Basket? Momiji was really the cutest!

    Sandie - LOL, that would be funny :) unless you come face to face with a dragon :P

    Ames - well good luck with apartment hunting ;) I hope you find one soon. As for me, heading over to read your review ;)