Monday, February 12, 2007


Well I just thought I'd followed up a little on my week-end post :)

I did go out both days a little bit: it was cold, but I didn't stay out long. Actually, I ran to my car and jump in it :) Thanks god for the starter, so the car was relatively warm when I jumped in. On other stuff, I did read His Majesty's Dragon - thank you Mailyn and Ames so much! Mailyn for the rec and Ames, for the review that made me sit and start to read :) I luv His Majesty's Dragon and have re-read my favorites part at least twice already. I've also read The Throne of Jade - I didn't like it as much, but it was still a good book :) Reviews for the books are coming as soon as I finish the third book, Black Powder War. Also, apparently, the author, Ms. Naomi Novik has signed a contract with Delrey to continue the Temeraire series - 3 books, one per year - and I can't wait for book #4 (Empire Ivory if I'm not wrong) to come out. You'd understand if you've read the excerpt at the end of book 3!!!

What else did I do, very little. I went to work on Saturday night - the receptionist work - it was nice, because I know many of the Fathers there and they gave me a warm welcome. The evening was okay and relax, except for this phone call by a very mean lady. See, she saw on her ID caller the no, so she called back - not knowing where or whom she was calling - well let me tell you, I don't know who called you! I'm only the receptionist, i.e. I answer the phone and forward your call, I DO NOT call ppl! There is about 30 ppl in the building who could have called you - I DO NOT KNOW who called you! Anyway, she really was rude. Aside from that, it went fine :) I had time to finish His Majesty's Dragon :) Then, I stayed up till 3:30 am to read The Throne of Jade :P

Yesterday, I went to my friend's house to do some little scrapbooking - okay, I didn't think it'd take that much time to do one page. Basically, I did 3 pages and it took me about 5 hours. Then, I went home, helped my sister with her homework, read the first chapter of Black Powder War and fell asleep. I would have tried to tough it up a bit, but hey, I have to wake up at 6h in the morning and it was midnight when I turned off the light.

Anyway, I'm now at work. Beurk. My supervisor is coming back today. Double beurk. I hate Mondays... Why do week-end pass so fast?!? I really wish I was still in bed T_T

Otherwise, as you can see, I didn't have time to play with the layout. This week, this week. Although I'm going to be busy cleaning my room (how come I have the feeling I'm ALWAYS in the process of cleaning my room?!?). At least, this week, I have a deadline. My room, actually the whole house, must be pristine clean by Saturday midnight, cos it's Chinese New Year on Sunday and apparently, it's bad luck to clean, shower/bath and use the broom, cos you're washing away the luck. Go figure... :P


  1. Well I'm glad Throne of Jade isn't that bad. LOL And I'm so glad you read these books too.

    I hate Mondays as well-this is the second Monday in a row where something has gone wrong. This morning-my car is frozen. GRRR

  2. Hey Ames :) Well yeah, you should definitively read it :) it's not bad per se, but I think there's less action and a lot of blablabla and politics. Also, I hate it when relationship between the main or my favorite characters are threatened. although I know everything will be well at the end, it still bothers me, make me worry and doubt and so, I guess it takes away some of the enjoyment.

  3. Natty I've missed you loads!!! But you already knew that. Hehehe. I LOVE the Temeraire series. Heck I even run the fanlisting for it! LOL.

    Oh and I'm starting to post tutorials and one of them will be on making your own layout so yeah, hope that will help.

    Lots of hugs and love!!!!!!!!

  4. Ok, I started reading Throne of Jade last night. I love when Temeraire takes off with Laurence.

    I'm at work and I'm just so anxious to keep reading and find out what happens to Laurence and Tem for taking off like that. EEEK.

  5. I haven't read this series...I'd like to though.

    I didn't know that about the Chinese New Year and washing away good luck. Interesting!

    My DH and I went to a Port Wine Tasting class on I guess you could say we drank to our good luck for many hours.

  6. Mailyn!!! Yes, I know and I missed you too!!! I'll be joining the fanlisting soon :) Thank you so much for the recommendation, Mailyn!!! Also, can't wait for the tutorials ;)

    Lots of hugs and love to you from me too!

    Ames - Wasn't that a cute part between Temeraire and Laurence? Well I hope you enjoy it :) and hurry back home!

    Sandie - If you like fantasy, this is definitively worth it, although there's no romance at all. As for Chinese New Year, it is this coming Sunday :) but that's a cool class you're taking :)