Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Freaking out...

All right, I have the bad habit of over-worrying. I know this, but it's kind of in my nature. I always find something to worry about: did I lock the front door, did I lock my car, did I forget to turn off the lights, etc. Most of the time, it's tiny things that I really shouldn't be worrying about.

This week have been rough so far... sigh.

1) my windshield is broken. It's a round crack at the bottom - result of a flying rock. I had it estimated and it can't be repaired... it would cost 800$ to change it. The good news is that I don't think I need to change it, due to the location of the crack. At least, for the time being.

2) Needed to pay school fees in order to graduate. That was done, but see, I did it through online banking and it doesn't update immediately. So I always have the tendency to worry and wonder if I paid with the good accounts or not and yadayadayada. Luckily for me, I just checked (for the 10th time since I paid) and the balance is now 0.00$

3) I applied for pharmacy school, but I just got a letter from the university asking me to send in my transcrips. Euh, sorry, I already sent you my transcripts! I called them and they said they received it already - so WTH did you send me a letter? Ah well, luckily for me, I had an extra copy, so I sent it to them again. ( I wasn't going to, but then I start to worry that the transcript they had was an old copy, since I applied two years ago... and you know, just worried)

4) Had to renew my driving license and medicare card. Almost forgot about it... when I looked at the letter, I realized the deadline was next week!

5) Still need to pay that speeding ticket and some library fines.

Sigh. so yeah, pretty hectic... Hope the rest of the week will be more relaxed... cos my brain is completely dead. Eg: I wanted to do something, but I can't remember what now ^^;

By the way, anyone knows how to "cross" out words on blogger (like Ames and her 50 TBR challenge)?


  1. I'm a worrier too. And it is constant struggle, but I'm trying to learn to go with the flow.

    To cross things out I use the strike code. The comment thingy won't let me put them in. But put these <> around the word strike.
    Very simple and easy to use. :P

  2. Hey Ames :)

    I'm trying too, but it's hard ^^; Also, what is the strike code?

  3. Hey sweetie, I couldn't put the code in earlier because blogger is trying to read it as actual code! LOL
    I'll email it to you. :P

  4. Hey Ames!

    got the code, thanks a bunch!!!

  5. Sorry you've been so worried lately, babe. I do the same thing, but things usually work themselves out, regardless of how much I stress over them. Hope you had a chance to relax some. :)

  6. thanks Holly :D well, at least, the stress is subsiding and this week's been better so far :D