Monday, February 26, 2007


Hey everyone ;)

just a little update about me before I bombard you with reviews :D As you can see, I finally updated my sidebar *cheer* So, you get all new covers :D I'm seriously going on a book binge ^^; All I've been doing is read and buy new books... the only problem with that is that I'm way behind in my reviews. So this week's goal is to try to review everything :P

As for my week-end, well it was very relax :) I ordered a couple of books last week and I'm so happy that they're on their way (Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead and Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh!) Also, remember how I complaint last week that the release dates for books were all mixed up at Chapters/Indigo online - well I won't complain anymore, because the books have arrived at some bookstores and I was able to get my hands on them early!!! *dancing around* So I bought Wrong Place, Wrong Time by Andrea Kane and Deadly Game by Christine Feehan. While looking for the two books (cos they weren't on the shelves yet), I came across other interesting books and bought them as well. Two are a series by Casey Daniels and the other is some psychic romance I think. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading this week :)

Aside from that, nothing much has happened. I caught up with one of my friend, watched some anime. If anyone likes mecha anime and have enjoyed Gundam Seed, you'll probably want to watch Code GEASS. It's pretty good and I'm excited to see what's going to happen next.

Oh, for One Piece fans: I don't want Ace to die!!! Please, I beg you, no!


Okay, the post above was written while I was at work. Now, I just came back home after work and paying my speeding ticket... and guess what?!?

I was able to find The Survivors by Dinah McCall. Yes, The Survivors, book I've been waiting for over a year!!! cos the original release date was April 2006 and I was looking forward for it since January 2006.

Oh, and what did I find in the mailbox?!??!? YES!!!! Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh!!!! All right, I know I said that I would write reviews this week... but maybe not tonight :P


All right, well I hope everyone's doing well :) Let me know about your week-end :P


  1. Hi Nath,

    You finally paid your speeding ticket. :) And got more books too.

    Thanks for your concern. I'm really feeling great. Came in to work today and found so many mails/messages from friends who read my blog and thought that I went nuts already!!! Haha! I really should not continue making crazy, abrupt decisions like that. My bad.

  2. Kudos on paying your ticket. You still didn't tell anyone about it, did you? LOL

    I'm so jealous of all the book buying you're doing. How big is your pile? hehe

  3. Yea, you got Visions of Heat, I am so jealous. :) I got a few from the library yesterday that I was excited about too. I got, Tempting Evil by Keri Arthur, Demon's Delight anthology and Deadly Game by Christine Feehan.

  4. Edmund - yeah, finally paid the ticket... not very happy tho :( but yeah, I got books!!! As for the rest, well I talked to you about it already :) you're too impulsive, pal!

    Ames - yeah, well finally, it was opened - went in person. The lady at the desk had a stack of paid fines! I guess I should be happy, cops in my town do their jobs!

    My TBR pile is okay - for the ones I've acknowledged.. if books have been in my TBR pile for more than 2 months, I tend to forget about them... :P you know what, I'm so tempted to send you the third book of Temeraire's series! just so I can talk/discuss of it with you! Would that be considered cheating? since you haven't bought it?

    Kris - Yeah, got Visions of Heat :D Finished reading it already, but I'm a bit confused, so will have to read it again. As a whole, the book is good... but I still prefer StS because of Lucas and Sascha. and wow, lucky you! Your library is so good! They get the new releases so fast!! Hope you enjoy Deadly Game better than me.