Saturday, February 03, 2007

how to ruin a perfect Saturday

How to ruin a perfect Saturday? I'll tell you how: get a fine for exceeding the speed limit. GRRRR! Actually, I don't mind that much to have been fined, because well, I was speeding, so I figure once in a while, it's okay. My problem is how to tell my mom... Also, 186$ well, it does hurt a little bit... but more to the point: how to tell my mom. Worst thing is that it's almost the end of the Chinese New Year. Although I guess it's better to end with a ticket than starting a year with one. Hopefully, I'll get lucky red pockets to compensate a bit. Sigh.

Onto other news, I have to say that the budget thingie isn't working. I've went on several trips of buying books and my list of books to buy just seem to get longer. Good news is I was able to find Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon early and bought it yesterday. I'll write a review of it either tonight or tomorrow... It was a good read, far superior than Dark Side of the Moon.

Oh well, that's it for tonight. I'm going to sulk because of that speeding ticket.


  1. Hmmm, do you have to tell your mom? I never told my parents, I just paid the fine but 186 dollars!! You must have been going super fast!!

    Hope your weekend gets better!


  2. Oh I am sorry about the ticket, I got one of those a couple of months ago.
    I am jealous about Dream Hunter, I can't wait to hear your review.

  3. Cindy - well, she's the one paying insurances and everything, so of course, I guess it'd be better if she knew ^^; Of course, I could just shut up and wait till she finds out and casually go: oups, I forgot. Anyway, for now, I'm not saying anything...

    I was going at 80km/h in a zone of 50km/h. In my defense, I have to say, it's not a small street where I might run down someone. I actually think the speed limit is too low in that zone, but then of course I would think so ^^;

    Kris - sucks no? but at least in the US, there's no point system. Here, we have 12 or 15 points and each time we get a ticket, it usually involves a deduction of points... and if you lose too much, your permit is suspended. Anyway...

    I'm going to write the review right away :)

  4. Sucks about the ticket. But at least you put a positive spin on it-better to end the year that way than start it. :P

    You should join my 50 book challenge. Just go to July and not buy books. It's actually not that hard. I still haven't bought those books I blogged about it. LOL

  5. Ames - Yeah, better at the end of the year. The other lucky thing is that I was driving my dad's car and he at least had some of his old immatriculation papers in his car. While if I've been driving my car, I wouldn't have had any papers of the car on me, because it's all in my bag and I didn't take it with me since I figure it'd take only 5 minutes to pick up my sis.

    Seriously Ames, I did think of joining the challenge, but I'm really not sure I can ^^; I'm still going to try to reduce my book buying tho... and with the ticket, well I guess it's done for this month ^^;

  6. Sorry to hear about the speeding-ticket! May just got one last week as well - for not paying parking fees. But she's getting a discount on that one - instead of paying $150+, they allowed her to pay only $30.

    ~ Edmund Lau