Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm exhausted...

Hey everyone :)

this will be brief, because I'm really tired and my body aches from everywhere. We got snow yesterday, the whole day. Total amount: 30cm. Not too bad, except that it's really windy and the snow is the light kind so, visibility is greatly reduced. Also, the roads are kind of frozen, so very slippery.

For the past two days, to avoid the traffic on the bridge, I've been going to work really early, like one hour earlier. Yesterday, my dad slid off the road while coming home. He called home and my mom, my sis and I were all ready to go and pick him up. We were out of the driveway when he called again: his car got towed back on the road, both him and the car was okay and he was coming, no need to pick him up. So we drove around and came back home ^^; Since I'm already talking about car and traveling, man, I was stuck for more than an hour. The worst is that it wasn't even on my way back home, crossing the bridge as I expected. Instead, I got stuck after picking up my sister. See, when I got on the bridge, I saw the sign that said the road was closed at THAT exit - but I thought it was the EXIT that was closed, not the highway, starting from that exit. Anyway, sat there long.

So what else, oh yeah, my day at work sucked. So much drama among my colleagues, it's so tiring. In addition, I was already doing something when my supervisor barged in and asked me to do something else... so I've been doing a bit of running.

Hmmm, so I think this covers up most of thing. Except tomorrow, I have to drive my sister to school, cos my dad's having eye surgery - cataract. So that means I'm going to go in late... doesn't matter, I'm really not planning to stay long. Exhausted, really.

Book related - well, since I've had to go to work early, I had to go to bed early, so not much reading done. I've decided to re-read Poison Study, or at least my favorite parts. Not having time to read, doesn't mean I couldn't buy books. I've been itching to go to the bookstore since Monday... actually, last Friday. So I went today, since I had to wait for my sis anyway. I was looking for Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs, it caught my attention after reading Kailana's review over at Twisted Kingdom. However, I couldn't find it and there was 12 copies. I asked someone, that someone couldn't find it either: probably still in box. So I got a coupon: 15% off!!! Combined with my I-rewards card, that meant 25% off!!!! Ha, did I enjoy... I bought a couple of books, but my mind is a bit blank right now... all I can remember is Hell's Belle by Jackie Kessler - I was planning to order it only, cos it's 24% off... but now, it's in my hands!!!

Also, I've been re-arranging my shelves, so all my books fit in. (You know, everything have to be clean before midnight, Saturday). That means I have a pile of books to give away :) I'll post the titles during the week-end in case anyone wants them :)

Okay, that's it for me tonight... Going to bed :) Have nice dreams everyone :)


  1. I find just driving in winter weather can tire you out. You're so tense and driving so slow that by the time you've gotten to where you are going, you're ready to go home again!
    Glad to see your Dad was OK. And I hope the eye surgery goes well for him tomorrow.

  2. I'll be willing to help you take those books off your hands. LOL

    I love the snow myself. I consider it a real test of my driving ability with slippery streets. The streets in Winnipeg have remained somewhat slippery since our last snowfall at New Years.

    Hope your dad's surgery goes as planned. :P

  3. Hi Nath,

    How's your dad now? Hope the surgery was good. My dad just had a cataract operation last month as well.

    Anyway, May just got her new car just now and she's just getting used to driving it. It's my last day at work - then nine days off! Will reply your mail tomorrow (promise) :p

    You read my blogs?

  4. Hey all :) Thanks for your concerns for my dad... He was supposed to be at the hospital at 7am, I'm still waiting a phone call from my mom to see if everything's fine (it's 8:25am right now)

    Kristie - Yeah, I agree with you. Personally, I'm not afraid of driving in the snow, but I still dislike it, because as you say, you must be careful and drive slow and so on. I wish we could get exempt from work on those days.

    Ames - LOL, too bad we live so far apart Ames. Seriously, I think this summer, we should have Romance blogs authors meeting for the ones that live in Canada ;) Would be fun to meet!

    As for driving, you're probably the only one :) I didn't mind the slippery streets, it's the gusts of wind I could do without. 30 to 50kph wind... sigh.

    Edmund - At least, she doesn't have to drive in the snow, so you don't have to worry too much :) You're so lucky, I just, just, just realized that your 9 days off are for New Year! I want days off too! instead, i'm stuck working in this sucky atmosphere. By the way, I do cruise through your blog: you write so much!!! I haven't commented much this week, sorry, as I said, pretty exhausted.

  5. yep we got the snow and Ice too! I wish it was more snow than ice but maybe next time!

    I have Moon Called to read and am looking forward to it!

  6. I love driving in snow, but I hate driving in snow with other drivers. I hope your dad's surgery goes as planned.

    You have all my sympathies for feeling run ragged by drama and stress at work. Hopefully, you have time to unwind this weekend with a good book!

  7. I'm thinking you need a vacation! Sounds like you are running around doing a helluva lot. Hope work doesn't suck much this week. Also hope everything goes well for your dad.

  8. Zeek - Yeah, snow is more fun than ice... but sleet is the absolute worst. By the way, I'm looking forward for your review ;)

    Kate - thanx for your sympathies and my dad's surgery went very well :) and I did have time to read, yahoo! :) Hope you also had some R&R time!

    Mailyn - don't talk to me about vacation. sigh, how I wish I could have some. and I do wish this week won't be as bad. Wish to see more of you too!