Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Okay, a few things that make me go arghhh

1) Can someone confirm this with me: Did Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper's release date been pushed back? I thought it was coming out on July 31, 2007... but now, every website says Dec. 2007!!! that is insane! I can't wait that long for my Kay Hooper fix!!!

2) We had 4 power failures today within 3 hours at work... basically, I wasted my freaking day! :( I wish the company would just have let us go.

3) Anyone ever rent a car? I have a question... Ames and I rented a car in Toronto... So I signed a contract and all and we dropped off the car at the airport. I gave them the car, the keys... The guy at the airport says that my receipt will be mailed to me... Is that normal? I didn't have to sign anything... I'm just worried I've just been scammed ^^; and my credit card still hasn't been charged... just wondering...


  1. Crap on a cracker. Amazon also has the release date for Blood Dreams as December 2007. This seriously screws up my ordering plans at work. Darn!

  2. I have heard of the 'mailing your bill' but more with hotels. Hmmm, you could call their head office and check to see if that's normal cause how do you know what you will be charged?

    You should have taken a book to work ;)

    I'm still waiting for Lisa Valdez's book to come out :(


  3. Wendy - I know! This just sucks! and I've been waiting for Blood Dreams for so long... wonder why the release date was changed :(

    Cindy - Hmmm, I'll wait a little bit, give them the chance to "mail" me the bill and then, I'll call... I hate dealing with that stuff... I guess I should have asked more questions when we rented the car :P

    As for yesterday's work, I had a book... but just couldn't read it in front of everyone :(

    and I'm sorry to hear that you're still waiting for Lisa Valdez's book... isn't it coming out in August?

  4. Hmm, I'm not sure about the rental. I know how you feel about having to call them. I hate doing that, too.

  5. Well that sucks. Her website hasn't been updated in over a year so that's no help as to why. I don't subscribe to her newsletter...did she send an announcement out?

  6. Whenever I've rented a car I've always been given a receipt when I drop the car off, but it could be different in the states.

    Sorry about the power thing. That bites! :(

  7. Ugh I hate power outages...those things suck big monkey balls! I usually get a receipt when I drop off the car but like Holly said, it could be different in the states...

    Did you take a book to work?

  8. We've had power outages as well since we've been having lighting storms. I can totally relate.

  9. Chantal - everything in life should be easy *sigh*... anyway, I'll just wait and see I guess.

    Rosie - I know! I don't think she sent out an announcement about it :( but actually, the good side is that she still have a book coming out in August... I just don't know if it's a new book or a re-print... it's C.J.'s something... all I know is that I haven't read it yet.

    Holly - I'm wondering perhaps it's because I dropped it off at the airport that it's different... instead of going back to the main office... but it sucks to not be sure about it. I've been checking my credit card account a couple of times a day :(

    Rowena - yeah, power outage sucks... but then, you know, it'd have been more fun if I could just simply have read the book I brought... but I couldn't... because all the workers were doing something... there was this lady reading a scientific paper... grr...

    Mailyn - I hope you won't get that many power outages anymore.