Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Canadian Romance Blogger Meeting, part I

So let's start from the beginning, beginning, beginning :D

Once upon a time, Nath wanted to go on a trip, specifically, a romance convention where she would meet authors and get free books. Nath, who has been emailing Ames almost daily, asked if Ames wanted to go and she said yes.... Alas, Nath only knew of one convention and that was the RWA... Once Nath heard that the RWA was in Dallas this year from July 13 to 15, Nath decided that it was too expensive, too far, too hot and was way too lazy to organize such a trip LOL :P Also, unlike some lucky persons I know, Nath wouldn't have a press pass and started to wonder if the RWA was really worth it... since I heard you can only meet the authors on Friday...

All in all, the RWA sounded interesting, but I think it was still too big for me... so I asked Ames if instead, she would like to go to Toronto to bookshop... Now, I purposedly chose Toronto, because I knew Kristie, Cindy and Chantal lived nearby and so, the chances that they would join us would be greater :P Especially Cindy... LOL, yeah, I know, I'm kind of calculative ^^; but hey, it all work out for the best! So I emailed the girls and ask them if they wanted to meet and if this week-end was good with them. Once it was sure we could at least meet someone, I started going into major planning mode LOL :P

So orginally, the plan was for Ames to come to Montreal and then, we would drive down to Toronto... The problem was, my mom didn't want me to drive... She doesn't trust my driving skills that much and also, she's an over-worrier, just like me... So she put her foot down and said, "No, you're not driving Nath." I was going to try to convince her, but then, at my dad's work, one of his coop student drove down to TO with her family and got into a car accident... her father, uncle and a family friend died :( So there was no chance that I could convince my mom... So instead, I started looking at the alternative... and turned out that plane tickets were cheaper than train tickets!! By plane, it's only 1 hour... by train, it's about 5 to 6 hours... hmmm, the choice wasn't hard right? But then, I forgot to consider the airport taxes!! and man, that was almost 100$... Ah well, I guess time is money and money is time :P So finally, it was decided that Ames would join me on Wednesday night... we would visit Montreal on Thursday... fly to Toronto and bookshop like crazy... and we would fly home on Monday, me to Montreal and Ames to Winnipeg.

So Ames arrived to Montreal on Wednesday :D We both blogged about it a bit already... so I won't go into the details :D I'll leave it to Ames in case she wants to add something to it :D

So that's part I of the trip LOL :D I'll write part II tomorrow :D So stay tune!


  1. You guys are so lucky....you guys got to meet so many great people and it looks like you guys had such a great time too, LUCKY!

  2. I feel the same way Weena ... I'm a Lucky Duck but they're Luckier! hee

  3. A perfect time for a trip, too, especially book related since Chapters/Coles/Indigo/World's Biggest (or is it largest...) Bookstore were having buy three, get one free deals. The stars were in line for you guys. :)

  4. I commented on the post below about your energetic self - you are a fire cracker!

    I can't wait to hear how the rest of the weekend went for you guys. And 35 books!!!


  5. Rowena - Yeah, I'm really lucky and happy that have met all the Ontarian romance bloggers :D I wasn't sure if it would work out or not and it did! :D

    Zeek - LOL :D

    Kailana - I know!! that was just way lucky! LOL :D

    Cindy - I'll get there, writing the posts :D I'm still waiting Ames and Kristie pics :D as for the energy... right now, I don't feel like a fire cracker... at all LOL :P I'm exhausted.

  6. I'm so happy that you ended up renting a car anyway, hehe.

  7. Envy rears its ugly head. I hate it that I can't meet up with peeps from all over bloglandia since I live on the other side of the globe. But it's great to know that you guys had a blast!!! ;o)

  8. How fun! That's so awesome you all got to meet each other and have some fun.