Monday, June 11, 2007

My week-end

My week-end was pretty boring, but some stuff did happen :P

First, on Friday, my sister's school was evacuated. Basically, those girls were on the bus and got annoyed by a guy who said he'd come and reproduce the shooting that occurred at Dawson College... So the girls went to the administrators and told them of the threat and all students were evacuated. In the end, it was only false threats, but better to take it seriously. It's just sad though how shootings in schools have become frequent. You're really not safe at school anymore :(

Then, on Saturday, there was some bozo that climbed the Champlain bridge and sat there from noon to 6pm!! I don't know what he wanted, but come on... can you go sit somewhere else? See from the South Shore to Montreal island, there are 4 bridges and a tunnel... however, you still get traffic... so of course, with the bozo up there, they closed the Champlain bridge. It took me an hour to get to work and that was lucky it was the week-end! Apparently, it was taking ppl 90 minutes to leave the island to go back to the South Shore. Luckily, by the time I went home, the bozo has gotten down. This is the third or fourth time in the past 3-4 years. See another thing that's sad... I guess everytimes it happens, it gets so much media attention and so, people gets idea :(

Aside from that, I pretty much did nothing of my week-end. I watched tennis and yeah, Justine Henin won her 4th Roland Garros, her 3rd consecutive one :D She's really my favorite player, so I was rooting for her :P Yes, the match wasn't great, but still :P She won and that's all that matters no? LOL, at least for me :D Now, I hope she wins Wimbledon, the only title she's missing :P

I didn't read much this week-end... I didn't know which book to read and I'm also in the process of re-shelving my books, so my room was a mess. I decided instead to re-read some manga I had... So I started Hunter X Hunter. It's really an awesome series and very clever :P I wonder what is its status in Japan... it seems to me, it's been a long time a chapter hasn't been released... perhaps it's over?

And the rest of the time, I slept :P I don't know why, but I just slept. It always happens to me once in awhile, I just spend a week-end sleeping... I guess it's sleep I have to catch up.

So that was my week-end :D What about yours? I can't wait to hear about the Book Binge girls week-end, since they were all helping Holly to move :P


  1. Scary about the threatened shooting. I'm glad your sister is ok though.

    Daphne has put up a post of the weekend already (she's friends with the Book Binge girls). :P

    My weekend was fun. Read a bit of my book and watched a kazillion episodes of the Dog Whisperer.

  2. Right, forgot to mention. I almost got another dog - AGAIN! LOL Second weekend in a row. :P

  3. I completely missed the tennis! :( The French Open isn't televised very well here and I don't currently have cable, so I missed out. But Wimbledon is soon. :)

  4. I'm glad your sis is OK and that it wasn't anything serious. Honestly, what are people thinking with all these shootings?!? My weekend was not exciting at all. Kinda boring. LOL.

    PS. I LOOOOVE your icon!!!

  5. Amy - I know! it's just becoming so frequent in my opinion :( but I'm happy my sister was fine... luckily, I didn't see the news... she's the one who called me, so I didn't worry that much.

    I'm glad your week-end was fun :D and which kind of dog were you thinking of buying? If you really do buy a dog, wait after the trip :P

    Jennie - oh no! well, the ladies' finale was very fast... 6-2, 6-1... actually, there hasn't been much suspense... I can't wait for Wimbledon to start! who's your favorite player?

    Mailyn - I'm glad too that she's okay :P and thanx for the icon, although it's not mine... just found it :P

  6. Hey there, that's scary about your sister. Glad she is ok.

    We had fun moving but damn it was hard work. lol.

  7. Hey Isabel - well you know what they say ;P No pain, no gain :) (that's what they say right?) I hope the day we move, I'll have help too :D

  8. Aside from getting some computer time in because my kids have been monopolizing it due to end of school year stuff, I had lunch with Wendy (our very own Super Librarian) on Saturday. That is always fun to catch up on books and blogland.

  9. Whoa, that must have been scary, I'm glad your sister is okay!

    I had a great time with my blogging sisters and hope to do it again but when I got home, I did nothing much but read.

  10. Rosie - What are your sons going to do this summer? Just wondering :D As for having lunch with Wendy, lucky you... I wish a blogger would live near me :P

    Rowena - Yeah, it was scary! I just find it's becoming much too frequent... and yeah, I know all about your week-end :D and lucky you, you've been reading... I've been in a mini-slump :(

  11. A slump? Well we can't have that, what can we do to get you out of this slump...slump is a bad word in my book.

    and YES, bomb scares and school shootings and just all of that is becoming much too frequent these days, what kind of world are we living in?


  12. I was wondering too. You okay?