Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's a mess!!


sorry, I've been MIA :( No reason in particular except for 1) I haven't been reading much... I'm kind of in a mini-slump. 2) I've been dead tired... I have no idea why... At the beginning of the week, it was because of the weather... later in the week, it was laziness :( 3) my life has been boring... but it's about to get more exciting this week!

Anyway, my main problem is this:

My room is a mess!!!

How in the world will I have this clean up for Wednesday when Ames arrives?!?! Ames, I hope you're not expecting my room to be too clean :P I'm lucky, my mom hasn't been too angry at me, but it's sure to change if this is not cleaned up ASAP... but the worst, the worst is that my periods are killing me!! Argh!

So I thank everyone who was worried about me :) I'm okay... just, well, desperate LOL and in pain, grr. However, I'll try to review some books I've read this week...

So, what did you do this week-end?

I went shopping with my family... it was fun, but hot... and I saw Fantastic Four which I didn't really like...


  1. Ahhh Nath, so sorry you aren't feeling well. Have you tried heat packs? Chamomile tea? Ibuprofen by the truckload? Those were remedies for me and sometimes even those didn't work. Take care of yourself.

  2. Hope you're feeling better now? :)

    I saw FF2 as well and liked it quite a bit. Got the DVD for the kids yesterday. :)

  3. Rosie - hello there :D still feeling a bit under the weather... hate it :( and no, I'm awful when I have my periods... neglecting my body ^^; I don't usually use heat packs, chamomile tea or ibuprofen... I usually go to sleep LOL :D and when the pain is really too much, that's when I take an advil... oh well... not too much backpain today, but just feeling a bit off.

    Edmund - a bit better... but still under the weather... what about you? feeling better?

    it's good that you liked it :D I don't know, I thought it was a bit cliche and corny... and everything was in place for them to win...

  4. That sucks about your periods. Hope you feel better.

    I'm not too big on the FF. Just doesn't interest me. meh

  5. heheh, Looks like my room most of the time!

    Aww man, you get to see Ames? AND you saw FF2?!

    Lucky Jerk!

  6. Look at all your books! :) And I like your blue walls.

    I just rented the first Fantastic Four and didn't think it was very good. But I still kind of want to see FF2---not sure exactly why.

  7. The last time my room was that messy, I was very close to being asked to move out. Unfortunately I am a naturally messy person.

    Hope you're feeling better now. Nothing like periods that like to kick your ass on a constant basis.

  8. Oh wow, sweetie I'm sorry you're not feeling your best and your room isn't the worst mess I've ever seen! =) You can get that cleaned up before Ames comes and even if you don't, I'm sure Ames won't mind, she's cool like that! =)

    You didn't like FF? Oh snap, I was looking forward to watching it but I'm easy to please so I'm sure I'll like it! =)

  9. Glad that you are back!!! Sorry that you are not feeling great. that stinks. but you get to see ames soon, that is a plus. and something to look forward to. Hope that you feel better soon and have a blast with ames.

  10. Aaaaaack!!!!! A hurricane just went through your room! I hope you survived. :-P

    Dude, just get a big ass garbage can and start dumping anything that's not useful/valuable. I know it's hard to part with stuff but you def need to do something or soon enough you won't even have a bed to sleep on!

    I hope you are feeling better. I have my period as well and I feel like killing someone for no reason at all. LOL.

  11. Hey everyone!! Thanks for your concerns :D just so you know, I'm feeling much better today... let's hope it lasts :D

    Isabel - Personnally, I wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for my friends... wasn't impressed by the first one, definitively wasn't by the second :P

    Zeek - well you don't have your mom nagging at you to clean your room :D so you're in a better position than me LOL :P

    Jennie - thanks... I love the blue walls as well... at first, I want to make some clouds... and then, I got lazy :P as for seeing FF2, well it's like a book series... first book wasn't great, but you still want to read the next... just to know what happens.

    Raspberry swirl - I'm a messy person too... surprisingly enough though, I'm very organized as well... isn't that contradictory? LOL :)

    Rowena - well I think she would mind a little since she's also going to sleep in the room LOL :D And yeah, i know, my room isn't the worst... the worst rooms are those that appear in Clean Sweep... LOL. and i hope you enjoy FF2... seriously, I'm not a fan of superheroes movies... didn't watch Batman, didn't watch Superman, I hate spiderman... thought X-men was so-so... ^^;

    Kris - I'm glad I'm back and that you're back too! I can't wait to see Ames... it's tomorrow!!!

    Mailyn - for an instant, I read "my" room instead of your room and I was like, "shit, I hope Mailyn's all right!" LOL... but seriously, I can't throw anything away, cos it's all books and manga! anyway, it's going well :D I can see part of my floor and my desk. I think all I have to do tonight is shelve the books and vacuum and it should be fine :D not bad right?

  12. I just about had a heart attack when I saw the room!! Course I have rooms that look similar so I shouldn't be throwing stones ;)

    Your books are very nicely kept up off the floor though so that's a bonus.

    And Ames will now be there soon!


  13. "Zeek - well you don't have your mom nagging at you to clean your room :D so you're in a better position than me LOL :P"

    LOL! That's true! But if she were I'd probably get it done fast because it'd be her ghost or a voice from heaven! Which is exactly what it takes to get me to clean! (ugh I hate cleaning.)