Thursday, June 07, 2007

Manga, storage and savings :D

LOL, it seems I have so much things to say this week :D I guess it's catching up from the previous weeks when I was so quiet :D

I think I did mention it in a previous post, but if not, it doesn't matter. Basically, I bought a box and a basket last week-end to store my books, because I have no more place for my books... which wasn't any news, but especially since my book shopping spree two weeks ago, I really don't have space. I basically have books everywhere: on the floor, on my desk, my nightstand, my computer desk, my bed... simply everywhere. So I thought I could put some of the books in the box which is quite big and nice... I think I can probably fit 100 books in it! :D I think... and the basket, well it's the same material as the box, so some kind of plastic/cardboard but with no cover... I'll take pictures so you guys know what I mean... I thought I'd put my TBR pile in it... Although turns out my TBR pile is bigger than I thought and doesn't fit all in it... Anyway, I really like the box and I'm thinking of buying some more of them... but 2 problems: i) where am I going to put the box? it doesn't fit under my bed ^^; and I have no place in the closet... and ii) which books am I going to store in the boxes?!?! See, you're talking to the person who doesn't want to put her books in the basement, because it's dark, humid and my books will lonely!! So I don't know... I was thinking perhaps all my historical books... but I don't have enough to fill the box... Then, I came up with another idea! I should buy smaller boxes (like some that I could fit under my bed) and store my manga collection! That would free up some space on the shelves and I could fit more books... LOL :P But then, which series to put in the box?

See my biggest problem with putting books in box is I'm afraid the books/ppl will believe that thee books in the box are no good and that's why I'm putting them away. But it's not true! I just don't have more space. I'm weird, I know.

By the way, speaking of manga... I went and bought some yesterday. I usually go to the manga store everytime one of the series I follow is released... but this time, I waited two or three weeks, because I was too busy or lazy to go. Then, some more series came out yesterday, so I was quite happy! And there was also some missing volumes for other series that I've decided to buy... Let's just say that I came out with 10 manga ^^; and one of my friend gave me 3 volumes that I've asked her to buy in France... So I guess now, I'm really up-to-date in my book buying! LOL... So no more manga and books buying for awhile... instead, box buying!

No seriously, I think I'm pretty saturated with books buying. I did go to Indigo yesterday and nothing drew my attention... which is good no? and I'm going to Toronto to buy books in two weeks, so better not buy anything now. I've also look for boxes at Indigo, but they didn't have any... so I guess I'll hit the other Indigo close to my house later today. Oh and you know, my I-rewards card is expiring this month... the i-rewards card cost 25$/year and with it, you save 10% of every books you buy in store and 5% online... which is a very good deal :P In the past, every year close to the renewal date, I'd get a letter saying that I'd save 5$ on my renewal of the card... so although the cashiers have been asking me every time I bought books in the past month if I want to renew my membership, I said no. Cos I wanted to wait for that letter... well it finally arrived yesterday! Youppi! And on top on the letter, it says how much you've saved this year... and I think it was Chantal who asked me if the I-rewards card was worth it? Well Chantal, I've told you that yes, it was worth it... but just to prove it to you :P This year, I've saved:


Awesome isn't it? That's about 30 books! So that means, I have 30 books on my shelves that I've actually didn't pay for! LOL :D But then, I don't want to know how much total I bought in order to save that much!

So that's all for now... I have to go do some work :D I'll definitively post a review later today :D


  1. ha! I totally know the feeling.

    I'm so overwhelmed right now because really should weed more books out then what I already am- but when I think about it, I feel like I'm getting rid of one of my kids! (if I had kids that is!)

    We're a sad lot, aren't we?

  2. I don't have a lot of books. Just a small two shelf book case worth. Only because, I had to get rid of a lot when I moved in with Joey. There was no way they would all fit in the tiny apartment at the time. That was painful.

  3. HOLY SHIT! I always say no when they offer it. So stupid.

    I'm so glad you posted this!

  4. Zeek - Yeah, I'm not alone feeling like this! Some books are not hard to get rid of, but others, especially when you want to reduce the number of books you keep.

    and it's not sad... we just like our books, a LOT.

    Isabel - I don't know how you do! Must have been hard to get rid of your books... any plans to increase your book case?

    Chantal - LOL :P Well I have to say it depends on how much books you buy, Chantal... cos I know that you've just bought an e-bookviewer... and also, I think that you go to the library a lot too. As for me, I do buy a lot of books... but then, for avid reader, I think it's really worth and that you get the 20 or 25$ the i-rewards card cost very easily and very rapidly.

  5. LOL!!!! You need to do a clean up and get rid of books you won't be reading again. Otherwise one of these days you'll drown in a sea of manga and books!!!!! xD

  6. As I have to pack up my books to move I am realizing how many books I really own and am saying do I really need to keep all of these. But then I look at the titles and say, I cannot get rid of that one, or that one, or that one. I cannot part with any of them. So now i have four boxes completely packed and still have two bookshelves to go (though one whole bookshelf is almost all nonfiction stuff).

    The savings is great!! I wish I could spend $300 in books a year. And that is just what you saved, I am so jealous ;)

  7. Oh man...I dread getting my letter saying how much I spent. LOL I went crazy right before Christmas...and I got my card around the fall. LOL

    I love how our trip is to go buy books. :P But I'm super excited for it because Winnipeg sucks for getting new books. Bum town.

  8. Hi Nath,

    Been rather busy lately. But I've been visiting your blog-page. Loved the graduation pics. Anyway, regarding books piling up in your room - my advice is to give some away. The only thing I enjoy as much as buying/reading books is probably sharing books with others and introducing people to new worlds of imagination/knowledge. I gave away probably close to a hundred books when I moved away from Ipoh back to KL - the rest of 'em, I sold off to get some more cash. Of course, I ended up buying back quite a lot of them as well :(

  9. Mailyn - it wouldn't be bad way to die, drown in a sea of books LOL :D yeah, i know.. the problem is I just don't what to do with the books that I decide have to go.

    Kris - I think it's really hard. I have difficulty to part with my stuff... schoolstuff, cds, even paper! I look at the paper and I'm like: oh, I can use that as scrap paper! So can you imagine books?

    as for my buying so much books, I'm single and living with my parents :P So i do save a lot of money already... while you have a family and an awesome library :P

    Ames - LOL :P It shouldn't be so bad... don't think at how much you spent! Just how much you saved :D And our trip is not simply to buy books LOL :P but it's a big part!

    Edmund - Hi there!!! Yeah, you've been so busy :P you own me two replies I think! LOL :P I think I'm going to give them to charity... but I'm not sure yet. I also feel bad when I decide not to keep some of them, cos I mean, I spent money on them :P so...

  10. Great on the savings! I know that one year I didn't renew for something like two months and received a 10 dollar off certificate so that I only paid 15 dollars. This was back before they merged with Indigo and now there program isn't as good. I used to get $5 dollar off coupons almost once a month. Now I get none because they stopped it.

    And you do have to be a big book buyer to have the card pay off. The first year the card was paid off in two months and after that it was all about saving money and I saved tons. That was the best few years of the program.

    I think mine is due up in July so I'm going to wait for my coupon although I don't think they know my new address.

    Okay, gotta go and remedy that right away!!


  11. I still buy lots of print books, so I think it will be worth it for me to get the card.
    It's not just me buying stuff at Chapters either. Logan reads as much as I do, so when he gets his paycheck (he delivers papers) he wants to go there and get a new book. It's his money, so I never say no.
    I also buy most of my homeschool curriculum at Chapters.Very expensive.
    So yeah, I'm getting that card.

    Totally OT, but we get to meet soon!! Eeeeeek!! :)