Friday, July 27, 2007

Book news, Rocking girl and life

So what is this, the 4th post this week? I'm getting back in! Yay!

All right, so today, no reviews... well at least, not now :D Instead, book news!! I don't have many, but what the heck :D

First, Kay Hooper's website has finally been updated!! Yay! I ranted in one of my previous post that Blood Dreams was being pushed back... well if you need your Kay Hooper fix for this summer, some of her old books are being reprinted!! Yay! Yep, there's a 2-in-1 trade paper coming out on July 31 with Something's Different and Pepper's Way. At the end of August, C.J.'s Fate is being released... and she has another one being reprinted in December too... All of these are her earlier romance books :D I already got my hand on the trade paper 2-in-1... I've only read Something's Different so far, but I enjoyed it :D

Okay, next news... Fans of Robyn Carr, if you've been looking for the Grace Valley trilogy, rejoice, it is being reprinted RIGHT NOW!!! Yay! If you haven't receive Robyn Carr's newsletter, here's the gist: All three books are being reprinted at the moment and should be available by the end of this month! Although, the author says that if you want to be sure to get the books, tell your bookstore to order it. Isn't that a great news? Previously, when she said that there were talks of the Grace Valley trilogy, I was thinking: here we go, I'm going to have to wait a couple of years... but NO! I guess this is due to the Virgin River trilogy popularity :D Anyway, I've checked at Chapters online and Amazon online and I can't order it yet... I've also ask in a bookstore and still can't... so maybe next month? or perhaps it's different if you live in Canada instead of the US...


So, I've been picked by Isabel for the Rockin' Girl Blogger!! Yay! and thanks a lot Isabel :D Now, I think I have to choose 5 other bloggers to pass this on... I'm not sure of the rules, if there's any and I know that many of you already have been chosen... so I won't make my life difficult:

Amy, Holly, Cindy, Mailyn, Rosie, Kristie and Kris

Mailyn and Kris, you have to change your name so it finishes with an "e" sound LOL! Anyway, congrats girl! :D


So what about my life? Nothing much has happened. I went to see Ratatouille with some friends on Wednesday night :D I definitively should go to the movies more often, especially when it's only 5$.
Ratatouille was definitively a good movie and highly enjoyable. There was some good moments and great laughs... but it also made me squirmed in my seat when I saw so many rats together...
Ma favorite scene is probably when all the rats get together to cook and Remi is giving orders. It's so hilarious... and then, the health inspector walks in! Surprise! LOL :P
I think I'm going to go see Transformers with some friends on Monday evening :D that should be entertaining too... and I'm toying with the idea of going to see the new Die Hard... but nothing's sure yet.
Finally, I need some help... LOL, nothing hard... I'm supposed to order some books online for a friend... and I still need to buy a couple of books in order to get the free shipping... so any suggestion? Also, I've been looking for some books and I told myself that I should order them.. but now, I can't remember which one I was talking/thinking of... Anyone remember me mentionning or commenting about that? Yeah, it's so sad... Alzheimer at my age T_T
I hope everyone has a great week-end :D Mine is going to be quite boring... I'm working the whole day tomorrow at the Missionary Place, replacing a friend that went to Chicago... and then, probably won't be doing much on Sunday either :( Apparently, it's supposed to rain too, the whole week-end :(


  1. I want to watch Ratatouille. I'll have to wait for netflix though. I'll take some of that rain you're expecting!

  2. I'm taking my 5 y/o to see Ratatouille this weekend. I hope she likes it. :)

    Sooo happy about the Robyn Carr news! She said something about it at RWA, but I didn't think it would be this quick.

  3. My hubby wants to take our 5 year old to see this. It is an excuse because he really wants to see it but does not want to go without a kid.
    I hope you like Transformers, I have not heard any say anything bad about it.
    Thanks for the tag. And I grew up being called Krissie, if that helps you :P

  4. I thought Ratatouille was so cute! We actually call my weiner dog Ratatouille...she has many rat like features! ;)
    I LOVED Transformers. I had wanted to see it, remember the TV series, thought it looked like a good summer movie and it was SOO much better than I expected! Hope you enjoy it!
    So, excited about the Robyn Carr books!!!!!!! :)

  5. Thank you!!!!! I feel so warm and fuzzy. I love getting awards!!!!

    Oh and congrats to you as well!!!

    I've been dying to see Ratatouille but I'm going to have to wait till it's out on DVD as I have a few other movies I need to see on the big screen.

    Buy more manga! That outta do it. :-P

  6. Every time I see the word Ratatouille I'll remember that I got stuck in a theater full of small children when the projector broke and wasn't fixed for an hour. We did get free refills on soda and popcorn AND a free movie ticket, but I'd have rather had that hour of my life back. Poor movie was anti-climatic after that.

    P.S. Thanks for the award. You are one cool chickadee your own damn self. Which you already know since you got the award. ; )

  7. I wanted to see Transformers this weekend by got voted down for I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry- the most retarded unfunny movie in ages. ugh.

  8. Isabel - I think it's a good movie, but I also think that as an adult, you can wait :D If you haven't seen Transformers though, that is worth going to see at the movie theater :D and in the end, it didn't rain that much, so none to give to you :P

    Casee - I hope both of you enjoyed it!! As for Robyn Carr, I'm really happy too... I seriously didn't think it'd be that fast... although I still can't buy it online now :(

    Kris - that's typically man :P that's one of the great thing being a woman... you don't need to have excuse to go see something cute LOL :P I hope that they enjoyed the movie :P Transformers was awesome :D I just came back from it :D and no problem for the tag :P

    Mollie - LOL :P your dog is really cute, but she does look a tiny bit like a rat... I guess it's the face :D You are so right, Transformers was awesome!! and yeah, so much better than I expected too, even after reading so many positive comments! and yay for Robyn Carr!

    Mailyn - Welcome for the award :D it's fun getting those! What are the movies you're going to see on the big screen? and I've been buying lots of manga... although at the moment, it's summer... so arrival from France are delayed :(

    Rosie - Oh that sucks... I'm sorry for you Rosie, about Ratatouille :(

    Zeek - You'll have to outvote the others next time to go see Transformers because it's so worth it!!!

  9. "Zeek - You'll have to outvote the others next time to go see Transformers because it's so worth it!!!"

    I KNOW! ugh.

  10. You're so sweet!

    I don't want to see Ratatouille. Sorry, but no. I just can't find it in myself to think of those nasty things as cute. lol

    Just like Flushed Away. I couldn't stop thinking that 1) they went down the toilet (NASTY) and 2) they spent the remainder of the movie in THE SEWER (NASTY AGAIN). So not for me.

    But I am glad you enjoyed it. :P