Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why I haven't been blogging...

Hey everyone!!

So wassup? How was your week-end? Did anything special? Me, nothing at all... the only thing I did was take my sister shopping on Sunday morning... Otherwise, I've been lazy :( So why haven't I been blogging? Here are some reasons... :P I'm very good at finding excuses...

1) Too tired
2) Not allowed to blog at work anymore
3) Too hot - I usually keep my computer open 24hrs/day and it's competing with the AC and unfortunately, is winning... I had to close it yesterday for the first time in a while... ^^;
4) Been sleepy
5) Had headaches the past two days... Luckily, today, I took an Advil early enough and my head isn't so bad right now...
6) euh... too much clothing on my computer chair... couldn't sit comfortably enough to blog ^^;
**ETA: 7) it seems I forgot to state the obvious... too lazy! LOL :P**

LOL :P yeah, some excuses these are, I know... I'm half surprised my parents haven't killed me yet... my room is a mess... it's in the same state as pre-Ames' visit- state... (don't remember? well you can see the mess here) Sad no? i've been meaning to clean my room several times, but there's always something more important... like reading or blogging... but to tell you the truth, it's just discouraging me... although most of it is going in the trash can.

So that's been it with me in the past few days... I was reading One Piece during the week-end... One Piece is a manga about pirates and it's probably one of the most popular shounen manga right now... it's just so hilarious and the plot is seriously good :D the drawing is great too :D anyway, an excellent manga... but long :P it's what, 40-something volumes right now in Japan and still running... and it's not ending anytime soon :P Anyway, I re-read about 25 volumes, not bad :D I've also finished Double Trouble by Claire Cross and Something's Different by Kay Hooper :D July is definitively an awesome reading month and the great news is that it's not over yet!!! LOL :D

Well, I bet August is going to be a good month too... since I'm being abandonned by my parents and sister... they're going on vacation, an all-inclusive trip to Riviera Maya or Cancun... for one week :( I'm not going because of work... stupid work no?


  1. That sucks you can't go on vacation with them. Stupid work. I've been tired too. I blame it on pms and the up coming full moon.

  2. You haven't been blogging, well I haven't been reading...although not for the same reasons. Hey, maybe I should do a list why I haven't been able to read in July. I knew there was a reason I came here! :)

  3. Isabel - Yeah, it certainly sucks... but then, it's better to have $$ then come back and lose your job.

    Rosie - LOL, glad I could give you some inspiration :D You should do the list, I'm interested to know why you haven't been reading :D

  4. I loved the one about too much clothing on the chair. That was a very good excuse. :-P

    Dude it sucks that you can't go with your parents on vacation. Oh and I like One Piece. I forgot if they've made this into an anime yet. Must look that up!

    Hope you don't lose yourself in the mess. LOL.

  5. It must be July. Tired, overwhelmed, it's all there. At least you are reading and hey, holding down a full-time job is nothing to sneeze at. I'm all that and I don't have a job! ;)


  6. Mailyn - Everyone seems to like the too much clothes on the chair excuse LOL :P and it sure sucks that I can't go on vacation with my family... it's not so much the vacation that bothers me, but it's missing an opportunity to go somewhere WITH my family... it's been sooo long!

    As for One Piece, I think the manga is definitively better than the anime. the animation is so-so, but since this is such a long series, you can see that they made the animation simple. Also, there's a lot of fillers in the anime, which annoys me :(

    Cindy - but in a way, you're lucky, Cindy... that you don't have a job... you don't have to deal with a stupid supervisor or other ppl that wants to harm you... seriously, the outside world is very, very ugly. :( and cheer up, July is almost over and August is coming :D Hopefully, you'll feel more energetic in August :D