Sunday, July 08, 2007

Us in Toronto! Pictures time!

So here are some pictures :D

Here are pictures of Kristie, Ames and me with our treasure, on Saturday, after our first bookshopping trip :P

Nice no? Now, keep in mind we all got more books afterwards LOL :P

This is a picture of us on Sunday morning, just before Kristie left us to go back home...

While Kristie was on her way to the train station, Ames and I were heading towards the CN tower! And yes, we went to the top, the skypod!!

Then, later that day, we rented a car and went to Chantal's place, in Barrie! So that's me driving! a bit stressed, but I have to say, grateful that we're not walking anymore LOL :P and Ames seems to like looking at roads :D

And we finally got to see Chantal!!! So happy!!! Isn't she pretty?

The next day, we went to the zoo :D
Seriously, we were soooo tired that I'm proud of us for making it :D Ames was such a trooper!

Here are some of the animals LOL :P

The last two pictures LOL... On the left of Ames, that's two elephant's butts LOL :P As for the last pics, that's me with my backpack at the zoo... at the end, the straps were all wet with sweat ^^; I know, eww... it was such a nice day, sunny and warm! I just wanted to show that pics so you guys can imagine... when we were bookshopping on Saturday, my backpack was even bigger and I looked like a turtle! I swear, if I've fallen on my back, I'm not sure I would have been able to stand back up! LOL

and finally, here are two little videos :D The first one is of the polar bear... you'll have to wait a little, but he'll show up! And the second video is the baby tigers :D


  1. That picture of the fish is gorgeous! Did you take that? But that tower picture made me cringe. I don’t like heights! LOL. Cool vid! (The second one doesn't work though.)

  2. Great pictures! You are ALL so cute! I was reading book titles like crazy and I saw a bunch I have read and loved, some in my TBR and some on my wishlist. Good haul, ladies. Kristie has on those comfy Crocs all my friends swear by. I need to get me some of those sometime.

  3. Great pictures!

    Did any of you have to fly home? Can't imagine how much excess luggage there was!

  4. Cool it looks like you had a wicked time and get many a book!

  5. I love the pics and I'm glad you guys went up the tower although you were brave to lean on the windows! You guys sure made your trip eventful and those videos are terrific. That polar bear was HUGE!


  6. DC - isn't it gorgeous? I took the picture :P there were just tons of fish and so it was quite easy :P The second movie with the tigers now work, so give it a look :D As for the tower, well, it wasn't as bad as I thought :P I mean, the height... but waiting was a killer.

    Renee - hey there! Thanks :D I do think they were nice pics as well :D

    As for the books, yeah, I pretty much hit the jackpot at the World's Biggest Bookstore because I could find some "old" books :P and yeah, so many ppl have Crocs... I wonder if it's really THAT comfy... hmmm...

    Marg - hello Marg, how are you? it's been awhile no? Ames flew back to Winnipeg and I flew back to Montreal :P and both our luggage was UNDER the weight limit by at least 10lbs!

    Rhinoa - hey there :D Yeah, got a LOT of books LOL :P but that was the goal of the trip, so I don't feel bad :P

    Cindy - the polar bear was sooo cute :D It's so different to see it swim instead of walking :P As for the tower, well wasn't really afraid to lean on the rail... (not the windows)... the only scary moment was when I sat on the glass-floor... after sitting, I didn't want to stand up anymore because I was scared, so instead, I crawl back to non-glass floor ^^;

  7. I don't do heights, either, so I cringed at the CN tower pic, too. Ick.

    LOLOL @ Ames and the elephant behinds. *snicker*

    Dang, what a bunch of books y'all got! Jeez. Soo..what have you been reading?

  8. Love the recap and the pics. You all certainly look in good spirits in the photos no tired or worn out faces...just smiles!

    Thanks for all the pictures and videos Nath. Wow, now your blog is sort of your own forever diary of the trip. That's pretty cool!

  9. I didn't realize you too made it to the zoo too!! Boy - that was a jam packed few days wasn't it?

    So - do you have a weekend in mind for a reunion and possibly more meeting next summer *huge grin*

    And I like how you have One Summer on top ;) and Ames has Cool Shade (her freebie book. I feel like such a proud book mama *g* And I love the videos. You're going to have to tell me how you do those when I get back and the mind is settled. (then I can impress my son 'cause he doesn't know how)

  10. Great pictures and I have to agree with the tower pictures. *shudders* I wouldn't stayed far away from the window and not looked down. It freaks me out. lol.

  11. Holly - it really wasn't so bad, the CN tower. I don't like heights either, but I'm not totally afraid of it. As for Ames's pic with the behinds, it's just sooo cute! As for books I've been reading, well I've actually been reading a lot so there's a couple of reviews coming up!... but off hand, books I've been reading: Touchstone by Dinah McCall, A night with a goddess by Judy McCoy, Aphrodite's Kiss by Julie Kenner, A Date with the Other Side and Heiress for hire by Erin McCarthy and so on :D not bad right?

    Rosie - Well you know, we were both :D Happy and tired :D but it was a good kind of exhaustion :D and I'm planning to do some scrapbooking of the trip... whenever I have time... which I don't know when LOL :P but yeah, at least, it's on the blog :D

    Kristie - Yeah, aren't we crazy? making it to the zoo! but then, you know Ames, she loves animals so much :P

    and since the trip was such a success, yeah, I'm considering doing a repeat next year :D! and I'll let you know how you do the videos as soon as you get home :D by the way, Enjoy your trip!!!

    Isabel - perhaps you'd changed your mind after waiting for almost 2 hours! but we weren't that close to the window, I mean there was the rail :P

  12. Yeah, those tower pictures freak me out, too.
    K, I hate that picture of me, you can take it down now, lol.

    I love the score of books! lucky wenches!

  13. Wow! That's a lot of books!!! Love the pics!!!

  14. Chantal - sorry Chantal, the picture is not coming down LOL :P and yeah, we got really lucky on the books :D

    Mailyn - Yep that's a lot of books and imagine, Ames and me each bought more after the pics was taken LOL :P

  15. Looks like you had fun in Toronto. My hubby and I are going to Toronto on August 18th, and 19th and we will be going to the zoo. I can't wait. I'm Crystal by the way. I'm from Parry Sound Ontario. 3 hrs north of Toronto.

  16. Dude, I just noticed that you have Cecelia Ahern's Where Rainbows End, read that and I can't wait to see your thoughts on that book, that was a good one for me, aggravating but still good!