Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Hey ppl :D

this is just a quick post to apologize, cos I haven't had time to review, post or comment! I'm still blog-hoping religiously, but been too busy and tired to comment or do anything else. See, I've changed my working schedule and now start working from 6.30am to 3pm... So I'm still adjusting to the time and I definitively need to go to sleep earlier :( It's also been cutting in my reading time :(


Turns out Holly's b-day is the same day as my dad :D So this is going to be easy to remember from now on!! :D Speaking of my dad's b-day, my mom decided to organize a mini-surprise. So after a very long day at work, she made me run to do this and that and so that completely killed me. I think I'm going to need a few days to recover LOL :D
Well that's it for me. I have to cut down my internet time at work too :( So can't blog too much :D Talk to everyone later!


  1. don't you hate when work makes you work instead of blog hopping? geez. how dare they. Happy Birthday to your dad.:)

  2. Happy bday to your dad!!! Oh and that sucks about blog and work. Same thing happened to DC.

  3. Mis you dahling! Check in when you can!

  4. Is the schedule change permanent? Working the early shift is one of those good/bad things. Good you are off early. Bad you have to go to bed early to survive.

  5. Happy Birthday to your dad! And to Holly. :)

  6. Isabel - Yeah I know! How dare they make us work... as if we had time for it :( LOL :P

    Mailyn - I know, it sucks so much! At least, I still have access to the blogs and the comments sections. I just have to decrease the amount of time I spend on the net :(

    Zeek - I will :D Miss you too :D!

    Rosie - Well pretty much. I don't need to come in that early, but it's either that or come in very late and go home late in order to avoid the traffic. At least, when you go home early, you still have part of the day to do something... while in the morning, it's just too tempting to sleep LOL :P

    Laura - thanks :D

  7. Your boss needs a vacation so you can hang online. LOL.

  8. 6:30. Ouch. Happy B-day to your Dad!


  9. I know all about not being able to comment, blog hop or blog period...I'm right there with you, nath...right there with you!


  10. Natty come back dammit!!!! :-P