Monday, July 02, 2007

This week-end...

Hey everyone :P

I'm sorry I haven't updated on my trip to Toronto, but this week-end is a busy week-end for me... Today is our annuel BBQ (7th year already!) and this year, I was in charge of the grocery shopping ^^; (seriously, do I really know how much 15 ppl eat for two meals? I can manage for easy stuff like chips and so on... but meat?)... It was a nightmare LOL :P How many chicken wings? What should I buy? Porkchops? Beef? and you know, we're doing charcoal BBQ...

oh and guess what... the two most clueless persons, i.e. me and another friend, were in charge of marinating the meat... euh yeah... LOL :P Luckily, my friends will just eat anything. So that's why I haven't had time to update on the trip... Also, I have been reading!!! Yay!!!

I will update this week for sure! So stay tuned!

By the way, Happy belated Canada's Day!!! and Happy 4th of July!!!


  1. Yeah, my family knows to put me in charge of dessert. LOL. The men do the marinating and the shopping for meat.

    What have you been reading?

  2. OK, who the hell left you in charged of shopping?!?! Were they out of their minds when they did??? LMAO!!!!

    That's like me. I can't be asked to buy anything that has to do with food or eating. Unless it's ice-cream. I'm really good with that.


  3. I hate shopping for big events. I always forget something.
    Happy Canada Day and 4th of July to everyone.

  4. My family has asked me to stop cooking for an army when they come for dinner. I always figure more is better than less.

    Now I get it tenfold - my aunt brings the snacks and she's not holding back - pumpernickel bread and spinach dip, salsa/sour cream/cheese dip and about 14 different brands of chips. My mom wants in now and there is salad and more chips and well, Sat I sent them all home with all the left overs. Bob was so surprised when he got up and everything was gone. He was all 'if the bag is open it's fair game and should stay here!'. Hell no, Bob and I didn't get these fabulous figures by ourselves - let's see what happens when all the crap goes home with them ;)

    Hope your BBQ went off without a hitch!

    Happy Belated Canada Day - although I thought it was Monday - doh!


  5. Isabel - that's good, in charge of dessert only... There's only two guys in our group LOL :P and about 12 girls... so yeah, they're not marinating or shopping for the meat... unfortunately.

    I've read... can't remember, LOL :P! No, okay... I've read You Don't Know Jack by Erin McCarthy, The Summit by Kat Martin... The Real Deal by Lucy Monroe... there's one more that I can't remember.. but I think it was another Mira book... and I'm now reading When She was Bad by Cindy Kirk :P

    Mailyn - I think I put myself in charge, which is like so stupid!!! I'm not bad buying chips and so on... but meat is a bit more tricky... anyway, there was too much of everything ^^;

    Kris - I'm not fond of it either... but there's only a few persons that will do it... and you don't want them to always have to do it right? well sort of...

    Cindy - I know, more is better than less... I mean, how does it reflect on you, as a host, if there's not enough food? BAD! LOL :P that's cool... my friends are huge on dips and so on :D I hope you had a nice Saturday :D

    The BBQ went without a hitch... I think LOL :P and what I love about my friends is that they help me clean up :D