Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My summer books (books, not reads :P)

hey everyone!!

wassup? First, apologies if I haven't commented on your blogs! Be assured that I do my blog-hop regularly, but I have less time to comment, because well they're checking up on me more at work and when I come home, I'm exhausted and all :(

So I'm the last one of us 4 who have walked all Yonge street in Toronto to buy books to list my treasure finds... Since I've been home for at least 3 weeks already, of course, I've bought more books and so I thought I'd list them all... Are you ready, cos this is going to be very, very long.

Books I bought during I was in Toronto. Here is the breakdown:
(the books that are striked are the ones I've read since I've bought them)

Chapters/Indigo on Saturday

- Careful What You Wish For by Lucy Finn
- Wedding Survivor by Julia London
- Stray by Rachel Vincent
- Aphrodite's Kiss by Julie Kenner
- Aphrodite's Passion by Julie Kenner
- The Summit by Kat Martin
- Body Electric by Susan Squires
- Exit Strategy by Kelley Armstrong
- Touchstone by Dinah McCall
- The Stone Flower Garden by Deborah Smith
- Suicide Club by Gayle Wilson
- The Bright and the Dark by Michelle M. Welch
- One Night with a Goddess by Judi McCoy
- When She Was Bad by Cindy Kirk
- The Firebrand by Susan Wiggs
- His Every Kiss by Laura Lee Guhrke
- The Duke in Disguise by Gayle Callen
- Once an Angel by Teresa Medeiros
- A Whisper of Roses by Teresa Medeiros
- Thief of Hearts by Teresa Medeiros
- Nobody's Darling by Teresa Medeiros
- Where rainbows end by Cecelia Ahern
- One's Summer by Karen Robards

UBS on Saturday

- Bad Girl by Michele Jaffe
- Dress Rehearsal by Jennifer O'Connell
- The Preacher's Daughter by Cheryl St. John
- The Other Side of Love by Jacqueline Briskin (already read this one, but wanted the book)
- Midnight Rain by Holly Lisle
- Miss Fortune by Julia London
- Houston, We Have a Problem by Erin

with Ames on Sunday

- Awaken Me Darkly by Gena Showalter
- Catch a Mate by Gena Showalter
- You Don't Know Jack by Erin McCarthy
- A Date with the Other Side by Erin McCarthy

with Ames and Chantal on Sunday

- Lord of the Isles by Amanda Scott
- Knight Treasure by Amanda Scott
- Prince of Danger by Amanda Scott
- Lady's Choice by Amanda Scott
- The Real Deal with Lucy Monroe

The above is what I got once I got home... I did two trips to Chapters/Indigo ^^; Remember, buy 3, get the 4th free!

- The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes by Anne Stuart, Jennifer Crusie and Eileen Dreyer
- Last Look by Mariah Stewart
- Last Words by Mariah Swewart
- Hot Ice by Cherry Adair
- Soul Song by Marjorie M. Liu
- If Only in My Dreams by Wendy Markham
- In Darkness Reborn by Alexis Morgan
- Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarthy

Now, onto the used books that I got... most of them today ^^;
*the picture didn't load properly. I will post it again when I get home tonight

- The Wedding Party by Robyn Carr
- Blue Skies by Robyn Carr
- Silk and Stone by Deborah Smith
- Love is all around by Lori Devoti
- Flash Point by Metsy Hingle
- Wages by Metsy Hingle
- Behind the Mask by Metsy Hingle
- Darker than Midnight by Maggie Shayne
- Thicker than Water by Maggie Shayne* (Holly's suggestion)
- The Givenchy Code by Julie Kenner
- Bloodstone by Gwen Hunter
- South of Sanity by Suzann Ledbetter
- Depth Perception by Linda Castillo* (Holly's suggestion)
- Sweet Ember by Barbara Delinsky
- Shadow Dance by Susan Andersen
- The Perfect Family by Carla Cassidy
- Parting Gifts by Charlotte Vale Allen

by the way, just so you know, the UBS also had a buy 3, get the 4th free sale!!! Ain't I lucky?

It's summer, lots of hardcovers coming out, but I really don't want to pay full price... so the solution? Online orders/pre-orders...

- High Noon by Nora Roberts
- Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard
- The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes by Anne Stuart, Jennifer Crusie and Eileen Dreyer

still on their ways:

- In the Midnight Hour by Patti O'Shea
- Something's Different & Pepper's Way by Kay Hooper (reprint)

So there, you have it all :D All the books I've bought since the Toronto trip :D As you can see, at least, I've been reading... a LOT :P So that means, yes, I'll start to review books again instead of ramblings and ranting :D But right now, I need to go to sleep...

Good night all!


  1. Sorry about work kinda watching over you. Meh. I have to know what you thought of the Scott and Kenner - I have these in the TBR pile ;)

    I enlarged the picture and I'm thinking 'ohhhh, how did I miss that one, I'd so buy that one!' ;)

    Cindys (it's been 3 weeks already!?)

  2. i know all about the peeps at work scrutinizing. it's no fun. :( when does your boss go on vacay?

    i have the givenchy code in my tbr!

    lol i have to laugh at how diverse our tastes are. it's a nice reminder that there's more to the genre than what i'm currently reading. :P

  3. Cindy - It's okay... they'll get tired of it soon :P Yep, I'll let you know for Scott and Kenner... technically, tons of reviews coming ^^; LOL, that's always what happens when you go back... you're always like: I should have gotten this one and son on :P Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have the opportunity to buy more books :D and yep, it's been three weeks already... time really goes by too fast.

    Amy- No fun :( As for my boss, apparently, today is his last day.

    As for The Givenchy Code, cool :D we'll do a buddy review. Apparently, the owner of the UBS said it was very funny when I paid for it. and yeah, there's like everything in those books I bought :D that's the nice thing about romance... it's not restricted to one genre, but englobes pretty much everything.

  4. What did you think of 'the real deal'?
    It;s my fav LM book :)

  5. Quite a haul there and you've already read several. I'm jealous because I'm in a very read-ish mood and haven't had time for about a week. I've only read one book and that's waaaay low for me.

    I'll be looking for the reviews because you have books by authors I've never read before.

  6. Looks like you have a lot of fun reading ahead of you! Do you feel like a dragon gloating over your hoard? :)

  7. Oh girl I feel you on the whole can't comment on blogs at work, I don't want to get to that point so I'm cutting back on my time on the blogs at work and then by the time I get home, I'm too tired to sit at the computer, not fun...cause I miss commenting.

  8. Chantal - The Real Deal was okay :D i mean, i did have some minor issues with the book, but I did enjoy it too :D

    Rosie - Yeah, this was a huge haul :P but I'm glad because at least, I was able to read some of them already :D However, this week was low too :( and I'll try to write as many reviews as possible very soon :D

    Laura - Yep, I do have a lot of reading in front of me and yes, I'm gloating :D but then, LOL :P you do too!! with all the great food you got to see and eat in France LOL :D

    Rowena - I know!! it's like crazy... there's so many commenting to do, but so little time :( work really sucks, that's all I have to say.

  9. Wow thats a very impressive book buying spree. It should keep you busy for a little while! I think I have only read about one of the books you bought so will check back for your reviews and see if any others catch my fancy.