Monday, July 30, 2007

You guys know I love you when...

... I blog instead of getting cozy in my bed and start reading a book :P

I just came back home after watching Transformers! Seriously awesome movie and oh, does it bring back childhood memory... I remember having one of the Transformers toy... my sister said she'd try to find it, but good luck LOL :P Anyway, the movie was REALLY AWESOME! Everyone should go see it on big screen :P I've read a lot of comments on blogland about Transformers, but it was really better than my expectations :D

After watching the movie, I went to Indigo LOL :) Seriously, that buy 3, get the 4th book free is ruining me... luckily, I had some gift cards... Ames, I've used up all the $ you sent me in one shot... I bought another big box, a basket, a folder and 4 books... not bad right? Actually, the truth is I went over and had to pay 0.74$ LOL

After the bookstore, I rushed to Tacos Bell where my friends were waiting for me... Now, I know that in other province, it's not a big deal, but Tacos Bell is really new in Quebec province... as in, few months new only!! It's really crazy when you go there at lunch or supper hours... apparently, you have to wait at least an hour or even more... my friend told me she waited like 1.5 hours for the drive-thru! Can you imagine? I ate a quesadilla... it was okay, not totally impressed... but at least, now, I can say that I've eaten at Tacos Bell.

So what else? Well my week-end was quite boring. I went to work at the Fathers' place the whole Saturday from 8.30am to 9pm... I was replacing my friend. It wasn't so bad... actually, it was real quiet and there wasn't any weirdos coming or any bad phone calls. The only thing is that I got worried from one of the Brother, because he usually comes and chat with me or collect money for the lottery ticket... but he didn't come at all on Saturday... I was worried that perhaps he fainted or worst in his room... but apparently, he went out for the week-end and forgot to tell us ^^; Sunday was equally boring... I slept half the day away and then, cleaned my room... which took up all my energy! but at least, it's clean and less dusty LOL :P

Book-wise, i didn't read that much this week-end... I read Pepper's Way by Kay Hooper which is part of her newest reprint (it's a 2-in-1 tradepaper)... it was pretty enjoyable :D Kay Hooper knows how to write different heroine :D I've been wanting to read In the Midnight Hour by Patti O'Shea, but I'm too tired... and I really don't want to fall asleep through the book... so it's been waiting... Instead, I've re-read Kare Kano which is a 21 volumes long shoujo manga. Very good! I definitively have to sit one week-end and re-read it... there's so much I have forgotten!

So anyhow, that was my week-end... i'm going to bed now! Talk to you all tomorrow and I'm going to try to write a review tomorrow morning!!

Night night


  1. i'm glad you enjoyed transformers! such a fun movie. :P

    what 4 books did you buy? i never got to the bookstore today because i didn't finish my room. *sigh* i'm almost done, so maybe tomorrow. there's the latest emma holly on the shelf (it's not supposed to be out until august 7th!) mini-squee. lol

  2. Busy weekend. Me too. Been doing 'big' cleaning for my in-laws visit this coming weekend. My boys hate it. Drapes, rugs, the whole 9 yards. I always use visits as an excuse to get me motivated to do cleaning I otherwise don't like doing. I feel so much better when it's all done.

    The latest Emma Holly is out already? I'm checking my B&N tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up Ames.

  3. Ames - Hello there! yeah, Transformers was such a good movie!! I really had a lot of fun :D now, the other movie left that I want to go to see is Die Hard.

    Hmmm, let me see, I bought the new Amanda Ashley (not sure of the author's name)... Dark Touch or Night's Touch... the new Rachel Gibson... Dead Right by Brenda Novak and one that Kristie just reviewed, I think it's hmmm Hot on Wheels? and yay for you, new Emma Holly!! :D Go, but then, my advice, call first! LOL :P

    Rosie - Cleaning sucks big time in my opinion LOL :P I can sympathize with your boys, cos I would hate doing it ^^; but it's true, we always use visits as a motivation... then, you hope that you don't get too many visitors in a year, LOL :P

  4. Wow, an hour and half for taco bell. Ewww. I hate taco bell. lol.

    I'm with ames, what 4 books did you get?

  5. I STILL haven't seen Transformers. *sigh* I really need to do that. lol

    Did you get some rest then?

    I still have the gift cert Izzy gave me for my bday. I'm saving it. :P

    I want to try Kay Hooper, but I'm scurred. Is she REALLY that good?


  6. Isabel- Yep, an hour and +... I guess you could call that the Taco Bell phenomenom... I think it's just because it's new and we've been deprived... I thought my food was so-so only... but apparently, the tacos are really good... so I'll have to try it out once more just to see LOL :P

    the four books are the new Amanda Ashley (not sure of the author's name)... Dark Touch or Night's Touch... the new Rachel Gibson... Dead Right by Brenda Novak and one that Kristie just reviewed, I think it's hmmm Hot on Wheels?

    Holly- You should go see the Transformers :D It's really enjoyable :D and well I wounded up going to bed at around 11.30-12pm... and I have to wake up at 5.45am... result: sore throat :(

    I've been buying so much books, online and in store... can't save anything ^^;

    As for Kay Hooper, I think she's great :D but then, it depends on ppl of course. You know, there's just authors that do it for you and she's one of them :D me telling you to try her SCU FBI series... either Stealing Shadows or Out of the Shadows :D

  7. I loved Transformers! We took my 6 y/o to see it and I didn't think I'd like it that much, but I really did. :)