Wednesday, January 23, 2008

7 things meme

So I’ve been tagged by Devonna for this meme. I don’t think there are any rules except that to say 7 things about you.

1 – I’m messy. It’s not that I don’t like it when my room is clean, but it just gets messy and dirty so quick!! Also, you should see my lab bench. For some reasons, I always end up working on two or even three benches, because things just pile up. Luckily, cleaning my bench is not as bad as my room ^_^; I might be messy, but I’m organized too… so go figure LOL J

2 – I’m an extreme worrier, border-line paranoid. I worry about everything… every single things… if there’s nothing to worry about, my imagination will take care of it. For example, I couldn’t find my cellphone charger the other day and I thought perhaps it was a work. So I came in yesterday and couldn’t find it and I started to worry. Did I really forget it at work? If yes, perhaps I left it still plugged or on my desk in plain view and someone took it off… as proof that I was charging my cellphone at work… aka stealing electricity? See what I mean? And that was just a minor case. Luckily for my peace of mind, I found my charger… remember that messy room I mentioned above… yeah…

3 – I need to lose weight. Serious. I know some people will say I don’t need to, that it doesn’t show and all… but I gained about 20lbs in the past few years… My face is much rounder and my belly… I don’t really want to think about it. So for myself, I should start exercising. However, I’m lazy. To go several times a week to someplace to exercise… doesn’t sound fun… sounds more tiring then anything else. Also, I’d rather not go to the gym or do yoga. I’m more interested in badminton or something I could practice with my sister… It just hasn’t happened yet ^_^;

4 – I love watching sports on tv. Tennis, tracks and field, volleyball, curling, figure skating and the list goes on. I’m in heaven when it’s the Olympics! Which is soon!! This summer is the Beijing Olympics!! You will probably be reading tons of posts about the Olympics at that time.

5 – I’m addicted to internet. I remember a discussion I had with Holly a couple of months ago. She sent me this article about a boot camp in Korea to severe the internet addiction to the youngsters… and I told Holly that I wasn’t addicted to internet. Well I was wrong. I am. Can’t live without it, even for a couple of hours! Need it to check my book orders status, to check the scores of tennis matches, to blog, to talk to friends, etc. Seriously, who was I kidding?

6 – I like to be in charge of things and events… maybe because I don’t trust people enough… or just because I’ll do them faster and better :P

7 – I’m a multi-tasker. I will often be doing many things at the same time. Watching tv and reading, blogging and reading… reading and studying. It’s like my brain is on fast, so everything has to be done fast and one of the best way is to multi-task.

So that’s 7 things about me…

So I’m tagging Ames, Jennie, Holly, Kris and Zeek.


  1. I am very familiar with #2. LMAO!! But it's why I love you babe. :P Also, you planning everything works out great for me, because I'm a procrastinator. hehe

  2. #1, #3, #5, #6, & #7 (and to some degree #2) ~~ me too!

  3. I'm messy too. Sign of intelligence!

    hmmm, I may not do this one as I've done several version of it all ready- and I think you all HAVE to be bored by posts about Zeek by now! hee!

  4. Ames - LOL :) Familiar with no.2 because you are too or because I share my worries with you? Well as long as you don't think me planning everything and bugging you for your opinion annoying, I'm fine with it :)

    Dev - LOL :) we have sooo much in common!

  5. Zeek - LOL, good explanation Zeek! but it's true, I think that messy people are smarter LOL... Clean people are just organized... it doesn't equal smart, right?

    it's up to you :) I thought it's been a while I haven't tagged you, that's why.

  6. I'm a horrible worrier too. And I over-plan everything. Especially trips. :)

    Now I have to think of 7 things about me. Hmmm...

  7. I feel ya on 2. lol. And I'm addicted to the internet too. I didn't think i was until our computer died.

  8. Jennie - being a worrier is annoying and tiring. You know that you worry for nothing, but you still do. I hate it. As for over-planning, I think that's okay. Better be prepared than sorry right?

    Isabel - I know, you just don't realize it it's become an addiction. But yeah... living without internet, no way! LOL :P

  9. I am running behind but I will get this posted. One of mine will definitely be Always Late or behind schedule.
    I can relate to #1 and #7 very well. both drive my hubby crazy.

  10. That multi tasking will come in handy once you are a mommy. :)

    I also worry. I freak myself out sometimes. If DH is more than 1/2 late coming home from work I get so scared. I call the hospital to see if he was admitted, and then I call the police to see if there have been any accidents involving unidentified males.
    I turn into a basket case.
    AND if the kids are with him when he is don't want to be around when that happens. Then you have a wife and a mother freaking out. Not pretty.

  11. Kris - #1 drives my parents crazy LOL and i can totally understand... it's not fun to have a messy room.... ^^; and I'd be interested to read your post... by the way, I don't understand why being a multi-tasker can annoy ppl... they should be in awe at everything we can do!

    Chantal - Guess you're right... it should come in handy! :P and it's horrible to be such a worrier...