Friday, January 25, 2008

Change of look...

So as you can see, I got tired of my old layout and found this one :D It's still is not perfect :( but I'm tired for now and it does look decent/presentable.

If you find anything odd or not working or it got changed when I chanted the layout, please let me know. For those who are good with codes and layout, I have a few questions...

1) I'd like for my archives to be like the ones at Ames and Book Binge blogs. With the little arrows and you can select the month and then the posts will appear when you click on the little arrow. I have the code I think, but do I have to add something to it? because when I simply copy paste, it doesn't work.

2) I'd like for my sidebar to be continuous ^_^; right now, it's cut into some sections... it's not really important though... I can probably figure it out.

3) I'd like that when you click on the title of the post, you get the post only... and same thing with the banner... I don't know if I'm explaining it well...

so if you can help me, I'd be very grateful :)


  1. Hi Nath, looks good.
    I wish I could help you with codes and stuff, but I don't know anything.

  2. I just noticed a problem.
    A big chunk of the overs in your review posts are missing. They are covered in yellow..same shade as the backdrop of the posts. I think it has something to do with the quotesin your posts...where the synopsys is quoted.

  3. I wish I could help you but I'm no good at the codes.

  4. You may already know this but if you are looking at your blog you can click the right hand button on your mouse and choices come up. If you pick 'view source' it will show you the HTML for the page. So if you go to Ames blog you can click on View Source and look for code that you think is the stuff you are looking for.

    I did this and found lines about 'collapse archives' which I think is how those arrows show up. Thing is the links are specific to Ames so you might need to change them to your pages.

    Then again, maybe there is a widget but I couldn't find one ;)


  5. Ooooo! Very nice Nath! I like the colors alot. Very cheery. I wish I could help, but I suck at this stuff. If you figure out an answer to your #3 question could you tell me how to do it too? I've been trying to figure that one out too.

  6. Chantal - Hey Chantal... are you viewing it with Explorer? Cos I know that there's some ick with the newest version of explorer... but as you say, I think it has to do with where I place the picture and the blockquote.

    Isabel - it's okay... I'm not either... it's hard! LOL :P

    Cindy - thanks for the 'view source' method... I didn't know... but I tried and it confused me so much LOL... I think I'm going to wait for Ames to help me :P LOL, what can I say, laziness at its best : and I do think it's a widget...

    Samantha - thanks! I thought it was nice too :) I like the color and it's a bit less in your face than my previous template. If I get an answer, i'll let you know ;)

  7. Nath, I think it looks great. I clicked out of google reader so I could visit your actual blog and check it out.

    I love the red around the book covers and synopsis.

    You know there's a saying that misery loves company? Well, I'm always glad to read other people are busy with work projects and stuff and it cuts into their blogging and blog hopping. My January has been brutal. My bad? I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! :)

  8. Hey nath. I like the new look. Sorry I have not been around much. I cannot help with the coding either. That is why mine is standard blogger. Too scared I will mess something up to change it.

  9. Rosie - Thanks rosie :) I have to say, I really like it :) I think it's colorful without being too much in your face like the previous template ;)

    LOL, I can't wait till you're back :)

    Kris- hey Kris :D it's okay, don't worry :) I think everyone's been busy... beginning of the year and all :) and I'm still waiting for Ames for the template :P

  10. Pretty new colors! I like. I used to know how to make the title of the post a permalink to the post, but now I can't remember. And I can't find the blogger help page that told me how to do it. Sorry! This html stuff isn't easy. :)

  11. Well I can help with the banner but the comments section here won't allow me to use full tags:

    do a a href= link with and the url for your banner. (you can get it by creating a new blog post and creating the link there like you would for a post. Cut it from there then and just don't publish it!)

    you'll want to center it too with center /center

    Then you need to paste it in your template where your banner image is located. (mine's under body style somewhere?)

    I too need to figure how to link the title post to the post. I'll let you know when I do, if someone hasn't gotten ya before then!

    If any of that makes any sense at all???

  12. Ah, I figured out the links for title posts and I see you have too!

  13. Mollie - LOL, I like them too :) but I'm glad you too!

    Jennie - Yep :) It's still colorful, but at the same time, it's a nice change :)

    the html stuff sure isn't easy... I upgrade my template to layout with the new blogger... it's a tad easier, but still not as I'd wished :(

    Zeek - I actually haven't. I've simply upgrade my template to the newer blogger... so it was automatic... but thanks! i know who to bug next time I'm in need of something LOL :P