Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Hi everyone!!

I hope everyone is doing well :)

So where to start? Hmm, let start from last week... I went back to work last week on the 2nd and everything was soooo quiet. I wish it'd always be like that, but yeah, I can keep on dreaming right? The only thing is that last Thursday, it was soooo cold in the lab! OMG, seriously. My company is so cheap ^^; They turn off the heat at night and that night, it was like -35°C... and so even if they started back the heating in the morning, it took so long to warm up. Actually, it never did... it was like 19°C... which is cold in a lab. Then, guess what? This week, the temperature has been around +10°C!! Yes, positive!! and it's been raining and foggy! The temperature has been soo crazy! Today, winds are blowing at 50km/h... and I think we're supposed to have snow soon. I'm telling you, CRAZY!

Aside from that, my life has been okay. Kind of busy especially at work. I've been switched of projects, so now, I have to learn the new assays and experiments. As a result, I don't have much time on the computer or of my own... and so I can't blog. No fun :( And then, the girl who is training me is now dumping all the work on me :( Sigh. I was going to blog on Monday night, but then I had such a headache.

So I'm catching up now. I'll try to write a review... so far, my will is not very strong... and I'm already having difficulties holding up my resolutions... the more blogging? not very good... and the buying less books? that's not happening either! LOL... you should see the number of times I've been to the bookstore... but at least, it's not just me... I know Ames is having some difficulties too... make me feel better :P

So that's about it for me... I'm trying to see with the HR department of my company if I have any vacation days (because I'm on a short contract... they usually gives 4% of your salary instead). They are sooo slow in getting back to me :( Anyway, wish me luck in getting vacation days :)


  1. That is pretty cold! And then some snow. Bundle up!! Hope you can take some time off and go some place warm.

  2. Blame everything on me! LOL

    I'm going to the store tonight. I got some goodies I want to buy - but I'm not telling you which ones. LOL And only 1 tradesize, so I can use the coupon.

    I'm such a dork. LOL

  3. Isabel - Yes it is... however, so far, it hasn't been that bad compared to previous years... as for some place warm... you tell me... how warm is it in Laughlin, NV, in March?

    Ames- sure, why not? LOL :)

    awww, you're mean, not telling me!! but yeah, I know... I use that excuse too... the coupon! luckily, I'm out of them I think.

  4. Good luck on vacation choices!! Was your contract only for 6 months or a year? Or are you now a full-time employee? And when do you think you and Ames will be coming to sit pool side?

    You know. Just general questions ;)


  5. Cindy - Hey Cindy :) I'm still on contract and this time, it was a 6-months contract. At first, it was supposed to be a one-year, but they have $$ problems, so it turned into a 6-months. Sigh. I need to find a new job.

    And LOL, those are all good questions. I'm hoping we can come and visit you at the end of June like last year.

  6. Yeah, I'm late to this party because I'm not only falling asleep when trying to read but for some reason can't keep up with all the stuff on my google reader! :P

    I've given up making resolutions about book buying. I do have a budget each month and that's all I use as a guide. Can't buy books if you run out of money. :)

  7. Rosie - I hear you on the falling asleep. I wish I could sleep right now... I usually do my best to stay awake as long as possible... and then, I pass off... really bad :(

    LOL, see, I can't stick to a budget... for the life of me. LOL