Thursday, January 31, 2008

Books and weather...

Argh!! What should I do? LOL :P great way to start the post right? So here's my dilemma... I pre-ordered Mine to Possess and Demon Night, along with a couple of other books... My purpose was to get them as early as possible... preferably, before they showed up in the bookstore.

So apparently, Mine to Possess and Demon Night have been shipped.... however, the bookstores also have received their shipment? So what should I do? Should I rush to the bookstore and try to get my hand on it? Should I wait for the shipment to arrive? By the way, I don't mind having 2 copies of the books :P Cos if they're good, I need a keepsafe copy anyway. My problem with rushing to the bookstores is that sometimes, the clerks aren't that nice... and they'll stick to the release date :( I don't want to waste a trip to the bookstore and have them tell me that they can't give me the books... However, it's not a 100% sure I'll get that answer right? To me, as long as I get my books before the week-end, I think I would be fine... ^_^; yeah... I think.

I just checked Canada Post website and I should received the packages today. The problem is that lately, my orders have taken more time to arrive than predicted. So although they say today, it could really be next week. Arghhh!! Hmmm... I guess I'll be calling my mom and see if I've gotten anything in the mail today... and if not, then I'll swing by the bookstore when I pick up my sister?

My name is Nath and I suffer from the "I want this book now, I need to have it NOW" syndrome. LOL.

In other news, guess what? We're having 30 to 40cm of snow tomorrow! I'm sooo sick of having snowstorms this year... what will that be, our 4th big snowstorms? It always takes forever for the city to clear the roads and etc. Traffic jams and crazy drivers... I'm going to cry :( Especially after the weather we got this week!!! We got rain, freezing rain and 40 to 50km/h winds! Living in Quebec sucks weather-wise :(

ps- I'm going to try to have a review up :P

EDIT: I went out around lunch time and got Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh :P Luckily, it was on the shelves! I'm going to try to hold off for Demon Night. The packages were supposed to arrive today,b ut as expected, they didn't. I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow.


  1. When I get the "gotta have it" blues I start checking the book store online for the books availability. If the store shows the book in the store online they can't give you a hard time about it when you go in the store to buy one. Borders is great about this here in the States, at least in my experience. Barnes and Noble? Not so much.

  2. Seriously, I hope I won't catch the syndrome of yours. Gotta have it now is kinda weird, but understanable.

    But the thing is...are you going to read them right away, or will they go on your TBR pile?

    If it goes on TBR pile...then don't drop by the bookstore!

    Or you can always go buy it, read it, and when you get the shipped one, return them to the store?

    For the keepsafe god! it'll be as if you were to have 2
    libraries... No more space!!!

  3. I'm like that too sometimes. If you don't mind having two copies, then I say check out the bookstore.

  4. I'm like that too, Nath ~ except I never read them right away. They go in the dreaded TBR pile. So what's with my obsession to get them right away???

    I can relate about the crazy drivers and winter roads. That's the only thing I hate about the winter is the driving ~ not mine, but everybody else's. It's scary out there.

  5. Hate to make you jealous, but I picked up Demon Night in my bookstore last night. I really didn't think they'd have it out yet because it's not technically on sale until 2/5, I think. But I'm sure your copies will come today! I hope so. ;)

    I'm already dying for spring to get here. Ugh. It's going to be a long February. :)

  6. Rosie - Ugh, I start checking online about a week ahead of the release date, just in case the books are available early. Then, I select the bookstore... some I know will put the books right away on shelves, others will give me "we have to wait till release date" speech. I hate that speech.

    Vivou - I hope for you you don't get it. but hey, you shouldn't complain, that's how you got my extra copy of Caressed by Ice. and if I got Mine to Possess and Demon Night right away, those two would be bumped up in my TBR pile. I'm actually really good at reading my new purchases... Oh and I don't like to return books to the store... what do I say? I couldn't wait my order to arrive so I went to buy another copy... I mean, once is okay, but 10x?!?!

    Isabel - I went and they did have it out! yay me!

    Dev - Depends on the books, but these, I know I'll read right away. and ugh, seriously, I've become a nervous driver since my accident. Really afraid what the others will do and I need my space when I'm driving! Don't honk at me when I barely pass btw the two cars!

    Jennie - I'm not jealous because YOU ALREADY READ THE BOOK! and yeah, spring can't come fast enough... Hopefully, February will look a bit shorter, although we're having 29days this year.