Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here we go again...

Hey ppl :)

I tried to blog, but things always come up... like work or reading, LOL! (I've just sum up my life in a sentence. A bit pathetic if you ask me.) So nothing special in my life. Well actually, yes, I'm excited for something, but that'll be another post.

So right now, my life is the usual... but I'm so sick of shopping. Glad though my sister is over it too, so she won't be dragging me into stores anymore! The only things we're looking forward to buy are a laptop and a Wii. I really want the Wii, but it's out of stock pretty much everywhere here :( As for the laptop, it'll mostly be for my sister... which reminds me, I should go see the IT guys to ask for advice.

The weather has turned cold again :( and guess what we had on Monday? Yes, snow... again. Not to bad, we got between 5 and 10cm and the snow was really light... but I mean, ugh. We had a lot of snow this year, a bit too much to my tastes. However, I'd like the weather to stick to one season. I mean, it was rainy last week, snowing this week... what is it going to be next? My sister said jokingly that Quebec should add this in their adverstisement campaigh: Come to Quebec where you can experience two seasons in one week! LOL.

Finally, I'm bored. I don't know what to read... which is stupid, since I have a nice TBR pile. But nothing really calls to me :( Isn't it sad? Luckily, I'm supposed to have new books coming by mail today. I hope they're going to make it!! I've been waiting for over a week already... and it's so sad... not to know what to read :( Any suggesions? What good book did you read lately? (If possible, not a historical...)

By the way, in case you haven't noticed, I posted a review over at Book Binge of Karma Girl by Jennifer Estep. After revealing in our Hits and Misses of 2007 post that Ames and I have wanted to open a buddy blog, but didn't at the end... the girls at Book Binge invited us to join them. So I'll be reviewing books for them too... but I'm not giving up reviewing on this blog :D So keep reading this blog please :D

Anyway, that's all for now about my life. I'll try to have more reviews up soon :)


  1. You sound kind of bummed out. :(

    I think you guys got more snow than Winnipeg did. (If that's even possible. LOL) We had a nice warm week last week, but now its freaking freezing again. *sigh*

    Hopefully one of the books you get in the mail today will cheer you up!!

  2. I hope you find something to read soon. I can't remember the last book I finished... I think it was a book you read. the dead girls one... lol.

  3. I lost my blogging mojo over the holidays, but it seems to be back now. *knock on wood*

    I hope your new books cheer you up! :)

  4. I have been reading instead of lurking on the internet as well. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy down here. Yuck!
    I am headed over to Book Binge, I had that book from the library but never read it.

  5. I saw your post at Book Binge and thought 'wait, where am I?' ;) Good on you as now you'll have to read. Although you are a voracious (man I hope that means what I think it means) reader!

    I'm struggling but that ain't news. I have so much stuff I need to organize but my house is constantly changing (BOB!!!). He moved my 'bills to pay' pile - Dude, don't mess with the bills!! We need to pay those!

    So even though I really want to get things done, nothing in our house is in it's *place* so really I'm just moving stuff to move it.

    Apparently I'm in that chatty zone for commenting tonight ;)

    Hope one of the new books grabs your fancy!


  6. Ames - Well truthfully, a bit bored. I guess I don't go out enough, so when I have nothing to read... it's quite sad.

    I think so too. Thankfully, we didn't have as cold weather you got!! However, I think we're getting even more snow in the next few days. It sucks. The thing is snow = bad traffic. no matter how much we get.

    and yay, I got my books!

    Isabel - I got lucky :) My books came in yesterday and so I have 4 new books to read. All contemporary! Yes! Did you ever get your hands on Confessions at Midnight?

    Jennie - I'm glad your blogging mojo came back!! As well as commenting! Been a while we haven't seen so much of you :) and the new books sure did cheer me up.

    Kris- Hello there :D I'm happy you've been reading and that your pregnancy is going well :D At this point, I don't know what I like or hate most... rain or snow. both are yucky i think.

    Cindy - Yes, voracious means what you think... well at least, it was used in the correct context LOL! and LOL about Bob changing the bills of place. Hopefully, you find them soon. It's amazing that after so many years together, the men still don't understand the system or know that you some things, you shouldn't change of place :P

    so what book are you trying to read?