Monday, February 18, 2008

6 unimportant facts about me Meme

Kristie tagged me.

The rules are:

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3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
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Soooo, 6 unimportant things about me... You sure you wanna know?

1. I'm addicted to blogland LOL :) I blog-hop almost every 2 or 3 hours and that's not counting the number of times I check my Google Reader.

2. On Saturday evenings, I work at the Fathers' House as a receptionist. Basically, it's like a dorm for Fathers who were all missionaries in Africa... The oldest Father there, Father Vincent (94 y.o.), now considers me as his own secretaries because I now take care of his emails correspondance LOL :)

3. I still haven't book a hotel in Las Vegas for our trip, which is 3 weeks away - I'm not sure if this is unimportant though LOL.

4. I've been having lots of craving lately. Libanese food, greek food, chinese food, sweets... you name it.

5. I don't have space for books anymore in my room and I don't want to store my books in the basement, so I've been buying boxes. I already have 5 of them ^^; and now, I'm running out of space for the boxes. They don't fit under the bed and there's no space in the closet.

6. Lately, I've been bored. I don't know what to read. I went through my TBR pile and was meh at every book I pulled out :( The thing is, I don't have anything to buy before the end of the month... and most of what I want, I've already pre-ordered :(

I'm tagging: Kris, Chantal, Holly, Isabel, Samantha and Vivou


  1. I don't have anymore room for books, either. I'm thinking I'll have to go through my TBR piles and really question whether or not I'll ever read them. If not, they need to go.

  2. I've had to put books up in our attic. The Fiance is going to help me rig some shelves up there this summer.

    I'm hoping nothing mildews... all of my fancy-pants books (the weird ones that cost loads) are downstairs in the temperature-controlled part of the house.

  3. I still have room for books, but if I keep buying them the way I have been I won't for much longer.

  4. I have one shelf for books. And it's a two shelf shelf. Does that make sense. If I get close to filling that, I have to get rid of books. Sad huh. Otherwise I have no room at all.

  5. Dev - I need to do that too, purge my books, but I'm too lazy and it's a big task.

    Kate - *shudder* the attic... ugh, you haven't seen the attic at my house, come to think, I haven't seen it and I'm certain, certain that it's *shudder* LOL :) but that's good, you're going to get nice new shelves.

    Brie - Welcome to the club. The thing is I have too much furniture in my room... Otherwise, I could add a couple of shelves.

    Isabel - I think I get what you mean it's a two shelf shelf. Would it make sense if I tell you mine is three shelf shelf?

  6. #1 - oh yes - me too!! Big time. So much so in fact that it's really cut down on reading time.
    #6 - me too on that sometimes. I look at the HUGE TBR pile and think nothing really appeals to me in it at the moment. Luckily I'm not in that space at the moment.

  7. Kristie - blogging and blog-hopping is just addicting. I mean, it's like having friends that completely understand you LOL :)

    I hate it when no.6 happens. seriously.