Monday, February 04, 2008

Nath's fashion show...

LOL, I definitively won't be modeling the dresses, you'll have to wait for the wedding's pics for that, but here are pics of the dresses and shoes I bought for Holly's wedding.

First dress:

Personally, I'd have preferred if the dress was a tiny more vibrant... colorful. However, this is cute too :) I actually had to try 3 sizes on ^_^; Finally, I figured I would want to be comfortable and be able to move... and not have my stomach bulging out after the dinner :P

Second dress:

I actually pick this dress up in the dressing rooms... One of the customer didn't like it and I thought it was worth a try. I think it's a nice dress... the fabric is stretchy and clingy.

Finally, the shoes...

I'm kind of a tomboy, so I don't usually have such fancy or cute shoes. I mean, in the summer, I wear flip flops and running shoes. I actually think that men are really lucky because they have a nice selection of shoes... like the non-feminine ones. But these were just wayyyy tooo cute to pass. Okay, so I'm not used of wearing high heels like that... and I'm sure my feet are going to hurt... but seriously LOL :) I'm just worried that they're a tad too big and maybe I should have taken a size smaller. Anyway, girls, if you see me walking strangely, you know why!

Off topic... about books :) I got a couple of books through the mail, there's a couple more I want to go buy and some in my TBR pile.. and I don't know what to read!! So excited!


  1. I love those dresses. They're so cute. And the shoes! I love the shoes! LOL

  2. Both those dresses are really cute! And I'm with Holly - I LOVE the shoes. I wish you well wearing them 'cause like you, I very rarely wear heels and when I do, my fee let me know they are not happy that I did that to them.

  3. Holy crap i love them all! You guys are gonna have such a great time!!

    That first dress is adorable and fun, it's perfect!

  4. Holly - LOL, it's good to have the bride's approval :)

    Kristie - I know, i'm starting to really love the shoes as well. The problem when i walk is I don't lift my feet enough ^_^; so I guess I'm going to have to practice wearing them... and I'm sure my feet won't be happy either :(

    Zeek - :) I hope so, because that's the plan!

  5. Those dresses are cute. I'm even more jealous now. lol. My favorite is the first dress.

  6. I love them all also! The first dress is very summery so might be good for a warm climate wedding. And the shoes. To die for!


  7. Pretty dresses! I especially like the first one, but then I tend towards less vibrant clothes. ;) That's so exciting! The wedding is in Las Vegas, right? I've never been there, but I'm sure you'll have a great time.

  8. I love them, they are so cute. good taste, nath. Practice is always good with new shoes. One so you break them in a little, and two so you don't trip as much. :P

  9. Wow, Nath, good job shopping. Those are great dresses and my feet are already have sympathy pains for the heels. It will be fun though and worth it when you look so FAB-U-LOUS Dah-ling!

  10. Isabel - I'm glad you like the first one cos that's the one I'm planning on wearing :) You'll find yours, I'm sure of it :)

    Cindy - that's what I thought too :) but it's soo weird they're selling dresses like that right now. I mean, it's still very winter-ish right now. but I'm not complaining :P

    Jennie - I don't know if vibrant suits me though :P The wedding is in Laughlin, which apparently, is very similar to Las Vegas... I've never been to either place, so I can't wait!

    Kris - LOL, I'm not the one with good tastes though :P but I have good friends :) and yeah, i have to practice walking in them, but I wonder where and when? cos it's very slushy outside, so that's ruin them. Can't at work either, cos I can't have open-toes shoes... ah well.

    Rosie - thanks, my feet are already dreading the moment :( but as you said, it'll be worth it!! :) by the way, where did you stay in Vegas?

  11. Nath hon, I've met you and you can so pull off vibrant ;) You have the energy of 10 people!!


  12. Aw, I can't see the pics. Just red boxes.

  13. Did you mean on my most recent trip to Las Vegas? Shoot I'd have to look it up. It's across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe and doesn't have a casino in it...which I sort of liked. If you really want (need) to know email me and I'll search for it.

  14. Cindy - Thanks! and I don't have energy for 10 ppl, I'm just very determined and focused, LOL.

    Chantal - I sent you the pics by email. Let me know what you think!

    Rosie - Yes, that's what I meant. Okay, I'll email you then.