Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Second Chances...

Do you believe in 2nd chances? I guess I do because guess where I'm going tonight?




Yep, I'm going to the library tonight. It's been what, a year since I last went... perhaps a bit longer? You've all heard me complain about the libraries in Quebec... and most of what I say is true. However, the good thing of this library is that they have some oldies that are hard to find and buy. So I'll be taking a chance tonight. I'm going to renew my card and see if their romance sections have improved. I've already used the online catalogue this morning and I have to say, I was a bit impressed... but at the same time, not.

I know that many of you have awesome libraries. I know that Ames and Kris do. Ames live in Canada and Kris, in the States... So let's play a game.... People, what are romance books that I should absolutely find in my library in order to say that they have a good romance section?

So far, I can tell you this:

Library has...

Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series, book 1 to 3 - that was a wowzer! I never expected them to have this series... However, there is no mention of Mine to Possess anywhere.
True Confessions by Rachel Gibson
Once in Every Life by Kristin Hannah

It doesn't have...

Any books by Lisa Kleypas except Mine till Midnight and Sugar Daddy
Meljean Brook, Maria V. Snyder, Colleen Gleason books

On order...

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters series. So far, they only have Devil May Cry if I'm not wrong, which was the lastest.

Okay, keep in mind, the library was opened in January 2005. So it's been 3 years. It took 3 years for the library to start stocking up on the romance section... and what you'll find is mostly "new" releases, but not even the "hot" ones. Good or bad? Was I right to be disappointed in my library last year?


  1. Of course it was right to be disappointed! I would have been too, if I could find nothing of interest!

    BUT, I'm glad they're starting to catch up for you!

    What makes mine work is the fact you can pull from all the libraries in the surrounding area- and online too! If your local library doesn't have the book you want, you can search for it, and if it's at another one you can have it sent to your library where you can pick it up. (An interlibrary loan!) THAT'S what makes the difference if you're library is small. I wonder if yours has anything like that???

  2. *nods* I agree with Zeek, you had the right to be disappointed.

    Hmmm, I'd say that a library is slacking in its romance section if it doesn't have any Linda Howard, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, or Jennifer Cruise books since those three are big names IMO.

  3. A library should have what I call a core collection. Which means if they don't have Nora Roberts, JAK, Amanda Quick, Crusie, SEP, Brockmann, Howard and other writers of that stature they need serious help. Out of the examples you listed, the most glaring is the lack of Kleypas IMHO.

    But I shouldn't throw stones, because lord knows even with me doing the buying, my library system's romance collection is a long way from being fantastic. Too many years with too little money. I feel like I'm constantly playing catch-up....

  4. Zeek - Well most of the books I want, I have at home already. so I don't really need a library for new releases. it's more for older books... and of course, sometimes, it'd be cool to save money by going to the library instead of buying. However, they usually have only the "classics" such as NR, Linda Howard, SEP, Jennifer Crusie, etc... if you want something more "trendy" or a "hot" author like Meljean Brook, they won't have that... which is why I'm sooo surprised they have Nalini Singh.

    My library doesn't have the interlibrary loan, because there's pretty much only that library ^_^;

    Samantha - LOL :) Lucky, my library have the LH, SEP and Jennifer Crusie... so do my personal collection, LOL :) Except for SEP. I don't really like her books. So I guess it ain't too shabby.

    Wendy - It's great to have professional opinion :)

    Hmmm, it has most of the NR... and I think JAK, Amanda Quick, Crusie, SEP and Howard. I was curious about Brockmann and they only have 8 books. I think the troubleshooters series is longer than 8 books.

    I understand what you mean about budget and size of library. However, this library is huge. It's Quebec province national library... my problem is that they probably spend more $$ on French books than English :(

  5. My opinion is that the reason authors like meljean and even lora leigh are not in the libraries is because they are too "racey"!

  6. My opinion is that the reason authors like meljean and even lora leigh are not in the libraries is because they are too "racey"!

    Not necessarily. Libraries tend to buy based on reviews, and only a small fraction of romance gets reviewed in the professional journals. So if the librarian doing the buying doesn't "know" romance, they're less likely to deviate away from the traditional review sources and patron requests.

    Review coverage has gotten better in the last few years, but it's still a very small fraction. In a perfect world there would be a subject specialist for each genre - but again, that's not always practical. It's all about communication. I'm pretty weak when it comes to my SF/Fantasy knowledge, and rely on colleagues to help me out.

    Nath: If you want something, just ask. Libraries do (or at least they should!) purchase titles based on patron request(s).

  7. Let's see - mine has some of Nalini Singh's Desire books but none of the Psy series, it has several Rachel Gibson books and it has several Kristin Hannah book but not the one that you mention.

    It has loads of LK and the first two Synders, but no Gleason or Brook, and they have nearly all of Sherrilyn Kenyons.

    So it's a bit of mixed bag for me. I guess at the end of the day I am happy just to be able to get what I can get from the library. My biggest gripe with my library is that they tend not to buy on request for romance like they do with other genres. Basically they will buy a fair amount of romance, but once it's bought...that's that.

  8. I'm glad you're giving your library another shot. I've been a little disappointed in my library's romance collection since I've moved to North Carolina. I think part of the problem is the fact that most romance is published in mass market, and libraries don't really like to buy them because they don't last very long at all.

    I hope you find some good stuff!

  9. Nath,

    I'll second what Wendy said. If they don't have something you want...ASK! At my old library if a patron requested something...we almost always bought it.

    I"m lucky Columbus has one of the best library systems around they've been in the top libraries of the US several times and the library where I used to work was named Library of the Year last year. The Columbus library is so large and has so many branches there are very few titles they Don't own. And if they're missing something I want. I put in a request for it. Doesn't mean they will buy it but it can't hurt to ask!!!!!

  10. Even though your local library is lacking in the book department it sounds like they have way more books than my local one. I my library carried a greater range of romance, but they don't.

    Good luck browsing the shelves, Nath! : )

  11. Oops. I meant to say:

    I *wish* my library

  12. Thank god for inter-library loans from other libraries. Because most of my reads are from them.
    If I die and go to heaven, my heaven will be a library with every book ever written and all the lattes I can drink :)

  13. Eh...libraries usually suck when it comes to the romance section. My local library is basically pathetic, so I just go buy books. :)

    I just read Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke. You'll have to tell me what you think when you finish. I liked it. There were certain things that made me go "huh?" but nothing bad. :) I reviewed it on my review blog


  14. Zeek - Yeah, I bet many are conservative and so don't order those books...

    Wendy - I will make requests then... but sometimes, it's just faster to buy the book for yourself. It's mostly for convenience.

    Marg - See, I think that our libraries are the same level, LOL :) it seems to me though your library stays a bit more current... or perhaps it's ppl who have requested the books.

    Ugh and it sucks they won't buy on request! my issue is that usually, if you request something, it'll take a long time before it's available.

    Jennie - that's true what you're saying. They are much quicker at buying hardcovers, which in the end, I guess please ppl. The libraries I go usually "strengthen" the covers, i.e. make the hard... but I guess it cost them a lot of $$... so they've stopped doing it.

    Mollie - You're soooo lucky!! LOL :) I will ask next time... but if they ahve to buy it, then it'll take less time for me to buy it...

    Brie - it's actually not my local library. My local library is even worse, but I can't blame them, because where I live, most ppl are francophone and so it makes sense for them to carry more for francophones than anglophones. I go to Montreal's library... but as I said, their romance section isn't great.

    Katie - if I have my ways, the heaven you describe will be my future house LOL :)

    Bridget - same for me... but sometimes, when it's older books that are out of print, you'd wish that the library would be better.

    I'll check it out. I start reading it, but I don't know, it didn't grab my attention. Maybe it will, after I read your review.

  15. no you have every right to feel disappointed. how can the library not have kleypas? mine is like that too, the library itself is awesome and very showy, like being in a museum. but quality/quantity of books? horrible.

  16. Daphne - Somehow, I'm feeling a bit harsh on the libraries here. I understand that we live in a francophone area, so the books are geared more towards them, so I can understand why there's not as much as English books, which explains the lack of Kleypas. Ah well, I'm used to buying my books now...