Monday, February 04, 2008

Dresses and Ice

So I mentioned that we were having a snowstorm on Friday right? Well it was a ewwwww snowstorm... or should I call it ice storm? Anyway, we ended up having some snow, some ice pellets, some freezing rain and snow to cover the whole thing up again. Luckily, I left work early... but it still took me 2 hours to get home... but the worst was probably on saturday morning, when we (my dad, my sister and I) had to clean the cars... took us an hour. I swear, the ice was soooo thick!! It was about 5cm thick...

My week-end was very quiet... I went to work on Saturday night and when I came back, played cards with my mom and her friends. I won 10$ :P not bad... at least, I didn't lose. It kind of sucks though when they keep saying how easier it is to play with 3 persons only and how there's more action and blablabla. Hey, I'm here... I'm playing, I'm the 4th player... I only play once every 1.5 month, so would it be too hard to suck it up a bit? but I have to agree that there was little action during the game... I think that everyone was too tired. I know I was and my mom was too. Hopefully, it'll be more fun next time.

Then yesterday, I went shopping... for a dress. Yup, Holly's wedding is in a month, so I figured that I should start looking right now. Especially after Isabel sounded so frustrated after her shopping trip. I had two friends and my sister with me... and I have to say, I love shopping with Karin, one of my friend. She's the shopaholic in the group and when I go with her, I don't have to look for stuff, she just hands it to me and all I have to do is go in the cabin and try it on. So that's what I did yesterday... and I ended up buying 2 dresses. Yes, TWO dresses :P and also a cute pair of shoes! LOL :) I actually really like the shoes... but the high heels are going to kill me ^_^; but they're really cute. Maybe I'll take a picture of them when I get home. Anyway, Karin told me to bring a pair of flip flop as well LOL :) I tried to look up for pics of the dresses on the net, but I couldn't find them. They're kind of summer-y dress... the one I plan to wear actually have colors very similar to my blog template, but it's not as cheery, because the background is a mix of beige and brown. As for the other dress, it's black, grey and yellow and stretchy. Anyhow, I'm just very, very glad to have found the dresses and shoes on the same and only shopping trip. I'll borrow a clutch or bag from my friend and a jacket, from my sister :) So basically, I'm all set for the wedding :) Except perhaps for jewelry, but that's not as hard to shop as :) hmmm... I think.

Oh, speaking of the trip... Ames and I are almost all set. I bought tickets to "O" on Saturday :P I'm looking forward to the show... and I hope it was worth the price :) but then, it'll be my first Cirque du Soleil show... so I think it will be... anyway... All we need now is to rent a car and reserve a hotel in Las Vegas... I asked for Holly's recommendation and she gave me New York New York and Treasure Islands... not that I don't trust Holly's recs, but I was wondering, what was yours?

Finally, reading-wise, I finished Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh and Demon Night by Meljean Brook :) Both books were great :P and I'm happy to own 2 copies of each, it's worth it :P


  1. Well I'm hoping you and Ames will post pics of yourselves at Holly's wedding! So we'll get to see the dress and the shoes ;)

    I'm glad you have a friend like that - most of my friends are only shopping for themselves. I'm the one who throws clothes at them - clothes I wish I could wear and can't YET ;)

  2. You have got to post pics. Sorry about the snow. Any time you leave ahead when playing cards is a good thing. :)
    I bought Mine to Possess yesterday and finished it this morning. Loved it. Have not read any of the Demon books yet.

  3. Hey Big Sister!
    taking the ice off was so much fun!!!
    and must i say that i never heard you talk to so much about shoes!!!
    did an alien kidnap you....
    well at least the shoes are cute! but so wear to hear you talk about shoes and walk in them :p hihihi
    see ya later

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  5. Yes, TWO dresses :P and also a cute pair of shoes

    you this means I'm salty with you now. At least until I find my dress and shoes. lol

  6. Those shoes are awesome! I love them.

    I'm so glad y'all are getting your plans worked out. I've heard "O" is amazing. Too bad I can't go with you. *sigh*

    Sorry about the snow,that sucks. :(

  7. Bleh, I feel ya on the snowstorm. We got one on Sunday and then today its extremely foggy. You could barely see 2 feet in front of you.

  8. Cindy - Definitively will post pics of everyone up :) not just Ames and I, but everyone :P

    I know, I'm glad too that I have a friend like that. Make life way easier... and she has great tastes :)

    Kris - Pics are up!! :) yeah, the snow sucks... but it sucked even more when I woke up and there was more snow this morning on my car!!! ugh. I wasn't expecting that and the worst worst? is that apparently, it's going to be warm today... so it will all melt. ewww.

    and you need to read the Demon books :)

    emilie - Je sais que c'est weird, but qu'est-ce que tu veux... as for the snow, it was fun, but I could have pass on it :P

    Isabel - Hurry and find your dress and shoes, so you won't be salty at me anymore!

    Holly - Sure sucks that you can't come to "O" with us :( It would have been awesome!

    Samantha - Where do you live again? We had that a couple of weeks ago, the fog... itw asn't so bad... we got more snow overnight though. I'm telling you, I'm so sick of having 2 seasons in 1 day...

  9. I'm too cheap to buy 2 copies of a book, lol.

  10. Chantal - You have a family and all, so they come first. as for me, my books are my babies right now, but I treat them badly, which is why I need to buy 2 copies sometimes :P