Saturday, February 09, 2008

Review: Wife for a Week by Kelly Hunter

I rarely read Harlequin books... I never did, even when I started reading romance. So I don't really know how they should be or what to expect. I remember buying one last year and I finished it, but it was totally forgettable. However, this one sounded interesting. I can't remember which blog gave it a favorable review... however, it caught my attention enough for me to order it.

Wife for a Week by Kelly Hunter
published by Harlequin Presents in August 2007

Nicholas Cooper must produce a wife for his business deal, and Hallie Bennett is beautiful and intelligent enough to pull it off. She needs the money, and Nicholas has determined some strict rules for their week together.

Rule No. 1: Displays of affection in public only

Keeping their hands on each other in public turns out to be surprisingly easy. It's keeping them off in private that's the problem. Hallie is falling for Nicholas, but will Nicholas make his contract wife his real-life bride?

The Story: Hallie is selling shoes in order to help pay her studies when this dark stranger comes in and proposes this insane deal. The money could help her finish her studies; however, she might lose her heart to him.

Nick needs to go to Hong Kong and close a deal with John Tey. However, the last time he went, John's daughter, 18 years old Jasmine, threw herself in his arms... not knowing how to turn her down gently, Nick invented himself a wife. Now, he has to produce said wife...

My Opinion: When I first read a review of this book, two things made me buy it - 1) the "marriage of convenience" plot and 2) Hong Kong. The fact that the title wasn't too embarrassing helped too. LOL. I love Hong Kong and so any romance story that'll take place there, then I'm most likely to give it a try.

So I have to say, it was a good read :P I love Hallie and Nick's chemistry. Hallie is kind of hard to follow, LOL, but Nick is able to keep track with her. She's very witty and having 4 brothers, she doesn't take crap from men. Some of their conversations were very funny... as well as some of the situations... like Hallie ordering Nick's assassination without knowing it, LOL :P

In addition, I read this book during the Lunar New Year, which is the same period as the story was happening, so that really helped me being in the mood.

Two things that bothered me however... 1 - why would Nick asks a complete stranger to be his wife for the week? I mean, why not ask someone he knew... if it's just for a week? Okay, so the explanation he gave kind of made sense; but at the same time, he didn't even investigate Hallie before proposing the contract to her. I mean, that just doesn't make sense! My second issue is when they had sex for the first time. It was a bit awkward... it's hard to say, but it seems to me it was too early. A man like Nick should have more control. I guess, part of it was probably due to the length of the story... Also, didn't she need to be a virgin?

Otherwise, I really enjoyed the book. The witty conversations and the funny storyline.

My Grade: B


  1. I usually avoid the Presents line as a rule because the titles and plots don't usually work for me. But this one does sound pretty interesting. Maybe i will have to make an exception for this one. :P

  2. HQ Presents were all I used to read for a long time.

  3. I haven't read a Presents in forever, but every once in a while I get a yen for category witnessed by my Catherine Mann read in January. At any rate I jotted this one down because I'm an absolute sucker for marriages of convenience.

  4. I'm a sucker for marriage of convenience plots, and while I have not read a Harlequin book as of yet this one sounds interesting.

  5. Kris - I usually avoid the Harlequin... either Presents, Blaze, temptation and etc... just because they're a bit too short to my taste. But I thought this one was interesting :) Sure, a bit too short too, but it was okay :P

    Jill - hello Jill :) I never read HQ much, because when I was young... I start reading in French from libraries... and I don't think they translate HQ in French or at least, they didn't have them in the libraries. Once I switch to English, I jumped directly into novels... and never really paid attention to HQ.

    Rosie - Okay, I know it's wrong to think like that, but I don't know... I feel like category romance aren't as good as "full-length" novels in terms of storylines and etc. However, I mean, a lot of well known authors still write category romance: Nalini Singh, J.R. Ward, etc. I can't help but think that way ^_^; although I know it's wrong.

    Brie - LOL, I think many of us are suckers for marriage of convenience plots. I have to say though, I prefer contemporary marriage of convenience as opposed to historical... because historical, it's just too common.

  6. Nath, I am with you, I usually like my stories to be a little longer. I like books where the characters have fun conversations and get themselves into tight spots. This does sound interesting though. I like the Hong Kong setting too. I might just have to give it a go.

  7. I haven't read many Harlequins either. But I won a bunch over at Devon's blog, so I'm going to give them a try. They sound good as a quick, easy read. :)

  8. Jennie - they're definitively quick and easy reads :) I hope you enjoy the ones you got :)

  9. I enjoy Harlequin a lot. I have a subscription to the Presents line. I am wayyyyy behind though, I have not read one in months, they keep piling up.
    I should though. They are good comfort reads.

  10. Chantal - Really, you have a subscription? Nice :) is it hard copy or ebook format? LOL :) there's just sooo many books coming out lately :) it's hard to keep up.