Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!!!
This year is the year of the Rat :)

The cute rat is from a manga called Fruits Basket by Takaya Natsuki... If you're interested in manga, you should give this one a try. It's really cute and funny. Basically, the Souma family is cursed and 12 of its members are inhabited by the spirits of the chinese astrology animals. Whenever they get hugged by persons from the opposite sex, they transform into their animals... which is why you get this very little cute rat :)

Anyway, just a quick update about me... I have been reading. I've finished 2 books, one that I won't name... I'm going to write a review of it; however, this book is supposed to be released only on the 19th and I want to wait a little. I don't want Indigo to get in trouble for shipping it to me way early... LOL. The other is a Harlequin Presents, Wife for a Week by Kelly Hunter. I don't usually read Harlequin Presents, but this one was interesting :) Review to come as well LOL!


  1. Happy Lunar New Year to you Nath!!

    Off to look up books with a Feb 19th release date ;)


  2. Happy Year of the Rat!

    Now, I'm wondering what book you're reading? Hmm.

  3. Happy year of the rat to you too Nath!

    I've heard of Fruit Baskets before, but never knew what it was about. I think I'll check it out. Wasn't it made into an anime series too?

  4. Cindy - LOL, let me know if you think you know the book.

    Rosie - I didn't mean to tease. I'm just afraid that if I revealed the name of the book and whoever higher up knows about it, the bookstore could lose its license to sell book. I wouldn't want that, right?

    Brie - Hello Brie! Welcome to my blog :P I'll wait till later next week to reveal the book :P

    Samantha - Fruits Basket is a great manga... you can read it online at . As for the anime, it's really worth watching it... cos it's sooo hilarious :P but watch it in japanese with english subtitles :P

  5. Happy Lunar New Year, Nath!!!

  6. Nath, thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll! I've really enjoyed looking at your blog too! ;)

  7. Isabel - thank you :P

    Kris - thank you too :P

    Kmont - no problem :P I'm happy to find more blogs about books :P

  8. Hmm, is it an author with two famous psuedynoms? Cause I think I might have a clue ;)


  9. Cindy - I think you've guessed it :P

  10. That's a funky rat you got there! *G*
    So happy to find your blog :)

  11. Katiebabs - thanks! isn't he cute?! :)