Friday, February 29, 2008

I leave...

If I die from hypothermia at work (it's freaking 14 degrees with -X degree of air drafts... if you think it's not cold, I'll gladly switch place, preferably if you are somewhere warm), I leave the following behind:

all my money to my parents and sister
all my clothes to my sister (i know, you probably won't wear most of them, but some are nice)
all my anime and manga collection to Vannie
all my tv series collection to hmmm... whoever wants to claim it
all my books to my blogger friends and Vivou - just email what you want to my sister and she'll sort it out.

So far, I have a numbed arm, my hunched shoulders hurt pretty much... and I don't think I can feel my toes anymore.


  1. Oh no! Poor Nath! Can you complain and make them turn up the heat? Or is it some lab thing where it has to be cold for the science? I hate being cold, and I'm a total wimp about it. I hope you thaw out soon. :)

    Btw, I read Savage last night! You're right, Clay is really cute.

  2. Oh, you poor girl. I hate being cold more than anything. Pure torture. In fact, I'd rather be hot than cold. I can't imagine where you work. I wouldn't last long there.

  3. Poor Nath :(

    Can i have your North and South? {{grin}}

  4. Hey girlie, you should come over here. It's a nice day and our office for once isn't freezing. :)Or you can borrow my blankie.

  5. *splutters* How cold do they have to keep that lab anyway? Good thing you'll be leaving for a warmer climate soon, huh? It was fabulous in So Cal today. Hopefully you'll have nothing but fab-o warm weather when you visit.

  6. Awww, poor Nath! I hope the weekend lets you thaw out!

  7. TV collection is MINE!!

    Oh. Right. Hope you are finding a warm spot at work ;)

    Why don't they have the heat on? Can you leave at lunch and grab a parka? Can you cite 'whimis' rules and leave because they are not keeping you in a safe environment?

    Sorry you are cold - I hate that feeling! Are you like me and won't drink 'hot' drinks? Buy one anyways and just hold it in your hands.


  8. Jennie - Hi Jennie :D You can complain, but it's not going to change anything fast enough. It's not necessary for the lab to be that cold, it's because the building structure and maintenance sucks. It seems that whenever the weather is cold outside, the building cannot warm up... the worst is that it happens only to one lab, the one where my bench is. The temperature finally went up... at around 11am. I started my day at 6.30am and was out at 3pm...

    I'm glad you're enjoying Savage :D Clay is just soooo cute :) and it's great, because it really gives a nice insight for us for the present Clay :)

    Renee - I hate being cold too... and it doesn't work to have more layers, I'm still cold... and there's cold air drafts... brrr

    Kris - Sure, you can have my North and South, but mine is the Civil War series, adaption of John Jakes' novels... with Patrick Swayze... not the one that Kristie is pimping.

    Isabel - Oh yes, me wants a blankie!! :D

    Rosie - I know! I seriously can't wait to be in warmer climates!! Especially since it's snowing so much!!! apparently, it'll be snowing almost every this week. ugh.

    Samantha - Hi Sam! Yeah, it's warmer right now, but we got 10cm of snow. Sigh.

    Cindy - LOL, if you want my tv series collection, you can... but it's all chinese tv series in vietnamese, LOL. Not sure you'll be able to understand much :P

    As for the cold, I had my scarf and mitts on! but winter coat is a bit hard, cos I have to wear my lab coat and move fast.

  9. Glad you are doing well, hope it warms up soon

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  11. OMG!!!
    and then, I saw my name...and I was like...she still thinks of me in her misery...


    I am soooooooo printeing this for future records :P

    I love you nath!!!

  12. Kris - thanks god, it's warm today!! :)

    Vivou - LOL, I still think of you even in my misery :)and go ahead, printing it out :)