Sunday, September 07, 2008

Go Andy Murray!!! and a rant about work...

Hi everyone!! How have you been doing all? Sorry for the lack of posts!! I really miss you all, but I'm still adjusting to my new schedule at work. Since I start later, well I don't wake up as early and that means I come home later... and instead of blogging, I read. I have a bunch of reviews that I have yet to write... I'm thinking of writing them all in one shot and schedule them... I just hope that I'll have more time at the lab...

New job is okay... it has lost a lot of its newness and luster though. See, what we do is study prostate cancer. For that, we have to extract RNA from urine... So far, we've been practicing on my colleagues' pee LOL (As I'm a woman and have no prostate... I have yet to provide a sample... but soon, I guess, as I'm going to serve as negative control). Anyway, long story short... we've run into some problems with the extraction and it wasn't working. Hasn't been working for the whole week... which was bizarre giving that it was successful last week. At first, we thought the resident was doing something wrong... but then, everyone ran into the same trouble. So yesterday, I was at the lab from 9am to 4pm :(

Seriously, I don't mind working hard and a lot. I don't mind coming in during the week-end. Problem is my new boss is getting on my nerves. See, the previous research assistant was crappy. Not only was he stalking a woman on the floor, but he also caused a lot of contamination and so on. As a result, my boss is being paranoid and treating me like I'm incompetent and I think it's unfair... I'm getting the consequences from the previous guy and seriously, not happy about it. I hope it's just because I'm new. Also, he should have told me what I was in charge from the beginning. I've been working for two weeks and he's locked away in his office writing a proposal for a project so we can get urine samples from patients. So I'm a bit frustrated... Hopefully it's going to get better... Good news is I finally got my parking pass!! Yay! and the boss had an extra pass, so I can now go as I wish :)

By the way, if you're wondering about the title of the post, well it's because I've just watched the end of Andy Murray vs. Rafael Nadal semi-finale at the US Open. Murray won!!! It was great tennis in my opinion and I'm so glad he won :) Now the finale tomorrow... I hope he's going to win :) As for the women, it's Jelena Jankovic vs. Serena Williams. Go Jankovic!!! She's worked hard to get into her first grand slam finale... it'd be nice for her to win :)


  1. Hey Nath!

    Hope your boss stops being so paranoid and lets you work! Sucks that you're getting blamed for the guy before you but I think as you work your boss will found out that he doesn't need to be on your ass about everything. :)

    Good luck!

  2. The newbie always has challenges. I feel your pain as I went through that last year when I first started at the fire department. All you can do is good work. That wins them over every time. Just do the work and it should get better. Well, if your boss is normal and not some psychopath who can never be pleased.

    This wasn't helpful was it?

  3. Yep, hopefully he will settle down once he gets to know you. Sorry about the weekend work - working hard is all well and good but hey, you're not making time and a half on the weekend ;)


  4. Hope things calm down with the boss. He shouldn't just assume that your incompetent because the last assistant was.

  5. Wendy - Hi there!! Yeah, I know, I hope he stops being paranoid soon... cos it's getting annoying. However, work is actually fun and time goes by so quickly!!!

    Rosie - Yeah... it's fun to start a new job, but at the same time, you're the newbie and that can suck :(

    and LOL, yeah, it was helpful :) Got to know what you thought :)

    Cindy - Yeah, it sucks to work on the week-end, but what can I say? I have no life ^_^; LOL :) that's why I can work on the week-end... although being paid 1.5 time, it would be a motivation :)

    Dev - So how is school? I think it sucks I have to suffer the consequences of previous ppl... but I guess that's life :(