Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Monthly Reads August 2008

So how was everyone's long week-end? I hope everyone got to relax and enjoy... Mine was very lazy. Didn't do much besides reading and sleeping ^_^;

So August is over and here we are in September. I have to say, I'm not complaining too much, because we're having really nice weather compared to this summer. It's sunny and the temperature is warm, without being suffocating. It's a nice change from all the rain we've got. Anyway, month's over and that means it's time for me to post up my monthly list of reads :) Just telling though, I've been re-organizing some stuff... and well, it's not going well so I haven't been that good at keeping track of my books read :( I could be missing a couple... Sigh.

1) Sweet Trouble by Susan Mallery: C
2) Sea Witch by Virginia Kantra: B-
3) Oceans of Fire by Christine Feehan: C
4) The Widows of Witchita County by Jodi Thomas: B
5) Ace is Wild by Penny McCall: B
6) The Secrets of Rosa Lee by Jodi Thomas: B-
7) Crazy for You by Kate Angell: C
8) One Night of Scandal by Teresa Medeiros: B+
9) A Kiss to Remember by Teresa Medeiros: B
10)Windswept by Ann Macela: B
11) Countdown by Michelle Maddox: B+
12) 20 Times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak: B+
13) Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs: B
14) If There be Dragons by Kay Hooper: B
15) Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh: B to B+

** I also read Thicker Than Blood by Meljean Brook... but I won't count it, as it was part of the anthology First Blood, and I haven't read the other novellas.

So far, from what I've got recorded, that's it. Which is not too shabby, considering how the month started. With the Olympics and so on, I'll take the 14 reads :)

Also, since it's the beginning of the month, I've been going around on my favorite authors' websites... There are some interesting news to say the least :)

Kelley Armstrong, author of the Women of the Otherworld series, had her contract extended for books 11-13!!! Yay!! Apparently, she's trying to negotiate with the publishers so she could include male narrators in the books :) Living with the Dead is coming out this fall (October if I'm not wrong)... the next book's working title is Frostbitten and from gossips around the web, it's a Pack book, i.e. Elena should be the narrator, and for some reason, the Pack goes to Alaska. Hmmm, interesting! :) Finally, we'll finally get Savannah's book - book 11!!

Maria V. Snyder sent out a newsletter a few days ago. Apparently, she's done writing Storm Glass and is now writing book 2 in the trilogy, Sea Glass. Storm Glass is due out for April 2009 and Sea Glass, September 2009. Woohoo. Let's hope Mira learned from their previous experience and don't go out there changing the format and dates of the releases.

Nalini Singh's newest release Hostage to Pleasure is officially out today :) In addition, she posted excerpt of her next books on her website :)

All around, that's pretty good news to me :)


  1. Hmmmm - I read Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery - the first one in the series and didn't really care for it. Sounds like the second isn't that great either. And Countdown is pretty good isn't it?

  2. I read Sweet Talk too and not really liked it that much either. Sea Wtich was good.

    And Countdown is just awesome! Love that book.

  3. Ha, I can see that Angel's Blood is not the preview that was in the ARC. Hopefully that gets fixed!


  4. Kristie - Yeah, Sweet Talk definitively wasn't great :( The second one was a bit better... and the third one is still meh.

    Countdown was indeed pretty good :)

    Wendy - I don't know, Sea Witch didn't do it for me. I think that most ppl will agree that the Bakery Sisters series by Susan Mallery isn't great... I wonder what pushed Ms Mallery to write such a charcter (Nicole)...

    and LOL, yes, Countdown was really good :D

    Cindy - I'm glad that the mix up was fixed, at least, in my mind :) I read the excerpt and I'm not too sure what are my feelings for the new series.

  5. Ooo, looks like you had another good reading month!

    Kelley Armstrong seems to be on a roll with all her books and series. I still have yet to pick up her newest YA book yet, but I've heard its pretty good. And I'm so freakin excited to get my paws on the "Men of the Otherworld" anthology that's supposed to be coming out soon. I loved the online novella's she's including in that book and I'm excited to actually get a hard copy of them. *dances in anticipation* :P

  6. Yeah, I read the Angel's preview and I can't tell if it's going to be a romance series or more of an Anita Blake series - only without the crash and burn aspect *fingers crossed*.


  7. Let's see I have lots to say since I've been on hiatus for what seems like forever:

    Uh, first, congrats on the new job. I'm hoping it's going well and 4 weeks of vacation. Dude I'm jealous!

    Second, Kate Angell, just has never worked for me, but it sucks majorly that you looked for the book for so long and it wasn't an enjoyable read.

    Lastly, great list for August. I used to love Virginia Kantra books but I can never get into books about the sea or sea people or mer-people. I love Marjorie Liu and I struggled with her mer-man book.

  8. Samantha - Somehow, I seem to always have a good reading month... it might not look so at the beginning, but I'm always able to salvage them at the end :)

    and yes, Ms Armstrong is definitively on a roll... I didn't win a copy of the SpectraPulse magazine in which she had an Elena short story, so I'm bummed... You should read the Darkest Power, I really liked it :)

    Cindy - I'm pretty sure it's going to be romance... I can't wait to read it though ;) I mean, more of Ms Singh, I'm in :)

    Rosie - Hi Rosie!!! :) LOL :0

    Thanks for the new job :) It's going well and I'm seriously thrilled about the vacations :)

    I actually enjoy Kate Angell a lot... I don't know, it's something in her writing... it's quirky... unfortunately, Crazy for You was just meh.

    What other books did Virginia Kantra write? LOL, ghosts and now sea creatures Rosie?

  9. I just got Sea Witch but have not started it yet. Sorry you did not like Oceans of Fire more. What did you think of Windswept?