Monday, September 22, 2008

Ugh, Lab notebook...

Hi everyone!!

Sorry I've been MIA :( I miss you all!!!! How have you been?

Me, I've been quite busy. Work is taking a huge chunk of my time :( Still lots of ups and downs, however, at least, last week, I did something different by the end of the week :) So that was nice!

Otherwise, I've also been busy... my parents were on a trip, so me and my sister have been eating out and going out a bit... Nothing over the top, but we've been coming home late (i.e. about 8pm). Then, I'm just too exhausted to blog :( On Friday, I went out with some friends and again, last night.

However, what really took me out this week-end from blogging was... last notebook ^_^; Ugh. So, my new boss did emphasize the importance of a lab notebook... but since we've been doing lots of practice and not real experiment, I didn't bother. In addition, whenever we extracted RNA and DNA from clinical urine samples, we took notes on the record sheets... so on Friday, my boss comes to me and tells me: "Oh, and I'd like to go through your lab notebook on Monday. Just to see how you're doing and to give you recommendation."

I actually smiled and nodded, but in my head, I panicked... because I didn't keep any notebook!!! So I spent the week-end making notebook for 3 weeks. I seriously thought those days were over. Sigh.

Anyway, I still found time to read two books this week-end... I seriously need to get back in a rhythm... but at least, I still blog hop :)

So how have you been doing? I think it's been a bit quiet lately on blogland. Hope everyone is doing well :)


  1. Work is busy for me too. And I had a request like that for the whole summer. Someone wanted numbers for June, July and August! It was hard because I forgot everything after I went on vacation. LOL

    Also, had a surprised project thrown on me on Tuesday, it was due Friday but I only managed to finish it up today. In time to go away for 3 days. :( I'll be back on Friday though. :P

  2. Yikes!! Oh yeah, I would have been crying. Glad you finished it though and now you know he'll be checking on you.

    I have some numbers I need to get organized for work but I'm procrastinating. I can't sit for long in this desk chair or everything goes wonky. I wish I had excel on my laptop so I could work on the cozy couch and not have pinched nerves here and there!!


  3. Hi Nath,

    Getting adjusted to a new work place is always stressful. As soon as you learn the ropes and know what your supervisor expects from you I am sure things will run a whole lot smoother. Of course, it always helps if your supervisor let's you know what is expected of you, instead of at the last minute guessing! I hope things get better.

  4. Just wanted to stop in a say hi...found your link over at Romance Rookie!!

    Glad to see that you got your lab notebook done in time. I'm not working but I'm going to school and sometimes procrastinate about doing my projects till the last minute!! LOL

  5. So sorry for the late replies!!!

    Ames - Ugh, doesn't it suck when they ask for something like this? and you need to play catch up :(

    Can't wait till you come back!!

    Cindy - The worst? He didn't check!!! Although, I did kind of show it to him, LOL :) Have to say though, I'm really proud of it, LOL :)

    Jill - You're sooo right! Part of it is you don't know your boss well enough either :( Kind of sucks...

    Kara - Welcome to my blog!! LOL, the worst is that I used to do this at school too!! Procastinate and then, when it was time to hand in the lab notebook, we'd all be a group working on it in frenzy LOL :)

  6. Hey you - I wondered where you disappeared too. Glad to see you back again.