Thursday, September 11, 2008

Revenge is sweet :)

Okay, more about work... I'm sorry I'm dumping all this on you! Really... but this time, it's good :)

I don't know if it's really revenge, but I feel that way. So I was pretty down on Tuesday :( On that day, we started getting patient samples of urine and extracted RNA from it. Everything went well, we recovered RNA and all... However, the purity ratios for all 3 samples were low and that makes them unusable in some cases. Also, if the RNA is not pure, then the concentration is probably not corrected as well because there's probably some junk... that means I actually have less than I think... So after showing the results to the boss, he was all like: "Oh, it's not up to standard yet! This is inadmissible." I seriously felt like he was criticizing my techniques... especially since he said he would do a sample on Wednesday morning to "show" us again how it's done.

So yesterday, he goes around and do the RNA extraction... and I have to admit that deep down, I was hoping he'd get bad ratios as well... Just to show him that it wasn't me. Well low and behold, he gets an even worst ratio than me. HA!!!!! In your face!!! Of course, I didn't tell him that, but I was really happy :) Then, guess what he said? "I guess I can stop blaming you." Well hell yeah you can stop!! Shows him right! Then, we tried doing a re-precipitation with ethanol... to see if it would increase the purity and it did :) So yeah, I'm in a much happier mood now and I hope he'll start changing his views now :)

You know, I do a lot of complaining about the job, but it's really not that bad. I like the work that we're doing... I like that it takes me half the time to get here and get home than it used to. I like that I get to save on gas :) I like that I actually even do a little bit of exercise walking up and down from the parking to the hospital... and I've already found good food (their scones, miam!!! and cheap!! Fruitbar!!!). Even the boss is not that bad, I mean, he's quite nice when you talk to him and all... it's just his confidence with me... I hope that this episode will improve it...

Gotta go get my samples :) Later!!


  1. Congratulations! Revenge is most definitely sweet. Hopefully he will stop blaming you now.

  2. Hahaha, loser boss

    It would have been HILARIOUS if you had coughed when he did the process and had a worst result lol

    Im writting to you from school...My class is at 6...

    How are you? :D

  3. LOL sometimes it just works out right, doesn't it? ;-)

  4. Dev - Yes, revenge is sweet :) Hopefully, he will :)

    Vivou - I'm good :) and you? I'm adjusting to the work... it hasn't been easy, but we're getting there...

    Li - Yes, it does :)

  5. Don't you just love when that happens. Ha ha. Revenge is sweet.

  6. Geez, the fact that he even voiced that he was blaming you would have had me going 'oh really!'. Hopefully he'll have more faith now!


  7. lol That is awesome. Glad to see that you got some justice. :)

  8. Isabel - Oh yeah... at this point, everything that's going to prove that it's not me, I'm going to take and enjoy :)

    Cindy - I know!! Talk about direct!! Ugh.

    Kris - :P

    Samantha - Yep :) It's time like this that makes me think that life is fair LOL :)