Sunday, September 07, 2008

Legend of the Condor Heroes...

Legend of the Condor Heroes aka LOCH :) That title brings back great memories for me and a lot of nostalgia. Isn't it weird how one person goes through so many phases/stages in her/his life? In my case, there's always been two constants in my life: reading and Chinese tv series... especially kung fu tv series :)

In my teens, I was sooo obsessed with kung fu tv series that it prompted me to learn vietnamese so I could read kung fu novels... and for 5 years, that's all I read. Kung fu novels. Anyway, I'm not going to bore you guys with details and so on... I just wanted to share these clips :)

Legend of the Condor Heroes was written by Jin Yong aka Louis Cha. This guy is probably the most popular kung fu novelist ever and has written 14 novels... All of them have been adapted to the tv screen, but some more than others. Legend of the Condor Heroes is one of them. It's kind of funny... it was adapted in 1982, 1994, 2003 and again in 2008... My obsession with kung fu series has lessened in the past few years (ever since I started reading romance novels... go figure, LOL) and so I haven't watched the 2003 version. It's not just that my passion lessened, but I didn't like the actors... and I'm a huge fan of the 1994 version. However, I've stumbled across the opening credits for the 2008 version and although it's a "pop idol" version of the tv series... I don't know, I'm tempted... What do you think?

*EDIT on September 14, 2012: I removed the themesongs videos due to storage issues*

So what do you think? Should I give a try to the 2008 version? I have to admit, that the song is catchy, even if it's pop song LOL :)

Have to say, I enjoyed watching the opening credits ;) Sometimes, I go on youtube and just watch them... In the case of Legend of the Condor Heroes, it's fun to see the evolution of make-up, costums and special effects LOL :) Although, I wish there was more hand to hand combats in more recent versions. By the way, for those who will watch all the clips, do you see some constants? LOL :) Since it's adapted from the same novel, for sure there is going to be similar events... but it's fun to see it in each version :)


  1. I know zip about kung fu. When I say zip I mean nada, nothing, not a morsel. I did like the 2005 clip stylistically it was the most appealing to me. As for watching the 2008, sure, why not if you love something you should go for it.

  2. You should hang out with my DH. He watches those every night.