Sunday, November 09, 2008


Hi everyone,

sorry I haven't blogged in the past three days I think... I should be back full throttle tomorrow. Everything is fine... except my boss is back and he's ruining my mood :(

Long story short, he wants results before Christmas... and it sucks, because I'm alone working on this project. So he asked me if I could come in one day per week-end in the next coming weeks to work on Step 2 of the project. For those wondering, no, I'm not paid overtime... So I'm kind of annoyed at it, but there's not real way I can refuse :( The worst is I don't think I would mind that much if what he wanted me to do didn't require 4 hours of incubation!!! Ugh.

Plus, one of the doctors didn't follow the correct procedure when collecting urine samples... (The patients didn't get DRE) As a result, those samples have become questionable and the boss isn't sure he wants to use them for analysis. Only problem is those samples represent 50% of all what we've collected... and if we don't use them, then we need more samples... and that means I'll have even less time to work on Step 2 of the project...

So that's why I'm unhappy.


  1. Docs are always the worst when it comes to following procedures. It doesn't matter what procedure you're talking about. I used to HATE that!

    Poor Nath!

  2. That sucks. I hope things get better for you.

  3. Lori - I know!!! I mean, you'd think they would do it correctly right? After all, we're talking about lives here... but no, whatever can cut corners. Ugh.

    Isabel - I hope too. That's the only thing I can do... hope :(

  4. Sorry about work Nath. : (
    Do you have to be at work for the 4 hour of incubation? If so maybe you could at least read during that time. Maybe you're boss will realize what a great employee he has in you and give you a bonus. Hope things get better.

  5. Leslie - It's okay... I might get out of it this week-end actually, so I'm crossing my fingers.

    I can read during the incubation times... but it's just not the same as being home... and yeah, bonus... I don't think so :(